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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Its the Weekend!

Yay! Its Saturday! I'm heading out shortly to meet Lori, whose new to this neck of the woods and wanted to find some people to stitch with. Also to bounce ideas off of someone whose local on where are the best places to get supplies. I'm looking forward to meeting a new local stitcher! Stitching groups in my neck of the woods seem to be few and far between.

Here's Tour as of last night, I'd like to work on it a lot this weekend, we'll see what happens!

Here are my pictures for the week!

Monday February 1 - Hunter, being cute as usual, I went into the bedroom on Monday morning, and there he was, sitting in Todd's empty laundry bin.

Tuesday February 2 - At work there are two staff members who drive VW Bugs, they always park them together! What a hoot!

Wednesday February 3 - I was greeted by this lovely sunrise as I was heading up the stairs to my library at work. So I went out the back of the building and took this shot.

Thursday February 4 - Stitching paraphernalia, yes I mark my charts(working copies that is)!

Friday February 5 - This is Cuddles, my other cat he's 13 and isn't anywhere near as cute or photographic as Hunter (sorry Cuddles). He spends a lot of his day now lying around and sleeping.

So that's it for now, we'll see if I get any great shots while I'm out today!


AnnMcD said...

Greetings from Florida. I am getting to stitch outside!!!beside the pool in the screened in lanai. It is great! and we had good roads all the way south.

Christine said...

Love the photo of the 2 volkswagens. I'd be tempted to buy a small toy one and pop it in between them so it looked like they'd had a baby...

Jennifer said...

Hi Dani, Love your stitching progress. Your pics are great. Cuddles and Hunter are great! Have a great weekend!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

How nice that you have someone new in the area to stitch with. It is always nice to pop in for a stitch or more.
Be always in stitches.

valerie said...

Great photo Dani! I think the photo of the 2 bugs is funny. Great progress on your Tour. You've gotten so much done lately!

Barbi said...

I mark my charts too. (working copy of course) I always have. Love the pics! Tour is coming along GREAT!

Christine S said...

I think Cuddles is a beautiful cat! Amazing progress on Tour!

Lynn said...

How nice for you to meet another stitcher. Is she from Ottawa or your neck of the woods?
Tour is looking really good!
That's a pretty good pic of Cuddles. How is he these days?

Daffycat said...

Great photos, Dani!

Have fun with Lori!

Carolyn NC said...

Tour looks great - nice pics of the cats, too. Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

BOTH of your cats look like sweetie-pie cats. Hunter is adorable in his laundry bin!

Jules said...

Your kitties are adorable. I got a chuckle out of the first one in the laundry bin. Reminded me of my Emerald (also a black - long haired - cat). I pulled open a file cabinet drawer one day, many years ago, to find her curled up in the back sound asleep. I took a picture of it. She has been gone 1 1/2 years now.

Lucky you finding a new someone to stitch with. I live in "retirement central" in Florida and there is NO ONE around to stitch with. :( So, I rely on my blog and the SALs that I belong to.

Tour is looking awesome!

Heidi said...

I love your pictures! My favorites are the sunrise and the stitching paraphenaila!

Becky K in OK said...

Love your photos, especially the two cats and the sunrise.

Wanda said...

Beautiful progress, Dani. Very cute pictures of Hunter in the laundry basket. Cuddles is a are right, we don't get to see him very often. All the pictures are very nice.

Anonymous said...

How great to have someone local to share your stitching with, I'd love to find a group, or even one person, near me. Love the pictures, my black cat loves to sit in things too, like the waste bin, washing basket, etc. Cuddles is a cutie too!

Tracy Dixon said...

Great progress and I love your pictures very cute kitties, my kitties always end up in places they shouldn't be but they always look so cute you couldn't be mad with them

Bette said...

Your Tour is looking lovely. And I think both of your kitties are very photogenic. And I really like the picture of the sunrise.

Karan said...

Tour has really grown since my last visit. Lots of fab pics too. Have really enjoyed my catch up Dani. :0)

Brigitte said...

Great progress on the Tour. It's a lovely project.
Finding a stitching group or a single stitcher living nearby must be a real treat.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

Hope that you have had a fabulous
weekend. It has certainly been a
cold one, again. I'm sitting here
nursing a hot chocolate (low fat
of course) holding it in my hands
to warm them up and the heater is
humming at my feet. Ah winter.

Congratulations on getting below
your goal weight this week. I
am so very pleased for you.

I went down a pound again last
Tuesday so got my daily points
raised again by two. Yesterday
DH, my friend Darlene from work
and I went to see Avatar at the
theatre. What an awesome movie.
In the evening we ordered in
pizza, and I pigged out!!! We
haven't had pizza since before
I joined Weight Watchers so it
was a real treat. And for
dessert we had big slices of
Mississippi mud pie. Yum!!

All this in aid of going up to
my goal weight so I can get off
of this maintenance roller
coaster. According to the scales
at Curves this morning I've gone
up a pound. Will that pound
still be around by Tuesday
night??? We'll see.

Your Cuddles looks like a lovely,
cute cat to me. My first cat
Eponine was a grey cat and looked
very much like Cuddles. She
was very pretty, but it was hard
to capture in photos because the
grey fur tended to look like one
solid color in my pictures.
Hunter in the laundry bin is so
much like our Rupert who likes
to get into anything from the
laundry basket to boxes from the
book store. I guess it's a cat

Hope you had a nice meeting with
Lori on Saturday. Does she blog?

Tour continues to look awesome!


mbroider said...

The bugs have their style statement too, eh!! Tour is going great. Thanks for the treat...

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo's Dani. Aww poor Cuddles. I think he looks cute :)

I mark my charts too. It's the only way I can keep track of where I'm up to. You've made a lot of progress since I last saw this. Looking great!

Giovanna said...

Awesome shots - especially that lovely sunrise. And great progress on Tour, not much left now is there?

Julie said...

Hope you had a lovely time with your new friend.

Cuddles is lovely, its the first time i have met this kitty

Anonymous said...

Well that's the first picture of Cuddles if my memory is good. I didn't even know you had two cats. Thanks for the sharing and happy stitching on Tours. What a huge piece! Ann

Sharon said...

You are making wonderful progress on Tours-it looks great!

Maxine said...

Lovely photo's and good progress on 'Tours'. I always mark my working copies as well... would be totally lost if I didn't especially on a HAED chart lol!

Terri said...

Tour is great Dani. I agree with Christine to buy then two hot wheels of vw bugs and put them on their desk and say look your cars had twins lmao