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Saturday, November 08, 2014


This week's PhotoHunt theme is "Hero"

At first when I saw this week's theme I thought hmmm what picture am I going to pick to reflect this theme?  So I started going through my pictures, and came across just the right pictures!  Also very appropriate for this week.

This summer, Todd and I had some wonderful adventures in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  We had two amazing days on the Cabot Trail.  I don't normally take pictures of monuments, etc. but this one really struck a cord with me when I read it.

"They will never know the beauty of this place,
see the seasons change, enjoy natures chorus.
All we enjoy we owe to them,
men and women who lie buried in the Earth
of foreign lands and in the Seven Seas.
Dedicated to the memory of Canadians who
died overseas in the service of their country
and so preserved our heritage"

Here's the spectacular view that goes with this special monument.  These photos are very appropriate at this time for Veterans Week here in Canada, followed by Remembrance Day on Tuesday.  A true hero is someone who serves and stands up for what they believe in.


Xine said...

I remember seeing that monument and being moved by it, too. Love Cape Breton! Thank you. Great pictures.

Barb said...

The perfect photo for the theme.

cucki said...

Great photo x

Kaisievic said...

Most apt!

Anonymous said...

A very nice salute to those who served. I like the sentiment too and what a beautiful placement.