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Sunday, January 18, 2004

A Nudder One!

Yesterday I spent most of the day out shopping with my Mum, got some fabulous bargains in Michaels. DMC floss is 4/ $1, I picked up $10.00 worth in colous I know I use frequently (of course I didn't have my floss list with me or I could of picked up what I really needed). I also picked up all kinds of ribbon at 70% off for ornament finishing. I went into my LNS and picked up a piece I've had on display there for the last six months. So my Fairy Tale Sampler from Dragon Dreams is finally home, I've put it up in the bedroom. I also went to pick up some cream Whisper. As usual my LNS didn't have any in the colour I was looking for. Sometimes I wonder why I even try to shop there anymore.

Despite being out all day yesterday I still managed to get my second January Christmas ornament stitched up! I decided to stitch The Drawn Thread's freebie Santa Keeper c1996. Technically this is supposed to be a scissor keeper but I think it'll make a just as cute ornament. It was this piece I needed the cream whisper, instead I used the white I already had in my stash. Again another quick stitch!

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