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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Onto The Next Model

Today I started the next model I have in my pile! This one I KNOW I'm just going to love and will regret giving it away. Its another model for Changing Tides, but this is to go in the shop, its not for the designing side of the business. The piece is Jeannete Douglas's Northern Lights Sampler. So far I've only put in 4 hours, I've got the northern lights all stitched up in row 1 and I've started putting on the beads, not sure if they're supposed to be stars or snow, since they're clear. I'd like to think they're stars and well it doesn't snow when its clear out.

The deadline for this piece is April. I plan to have it done ASAP so I can move onto the last model in my "to do" pile. Its Marc Strassad's Bandon Light (The Silver Lining), Marc is a great guy and gives no deadlines. However I'm feeling really guilty because this piece keeps getting pushed back!

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