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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

March Goals & Moanings

Well its the end of February so time to see what I got done and didn't do, time to make plans for March!

February Recap

Stitch Two Treat Bags - Done!
Stitch Two Ornaments - Done!
Stitch Two Models for Great Bear Canada - Started 1st one
Participate in TW SAL - Yup!
Participate in Celtic Banner SAL - Yup!
Put some stitches in Noah's Sub - Nope!

Pictures of everything listed above can be found in my blog

March Goals

Stitch One Ornament
Stitch Two Models for Great Bear Canada
Participate in TW SAL
Participate in Celtic Banner SAL
Start/Finish Bug Collector during March Break

With the start of March tomorrow brings my birthday month... I turn 3o on the 27th of March this year. Maybe its just me or maybe its just turning 30 but I feel so much older! I'm realizing now that the age gap between me and the students at work is much larger. When I first started working for my current employer I was only 21 and kids went to school through grade 13 so there was only a 2-3 year age gap between the oldest students and myself. Now the age gap is over ten years! Argh! One day I was playing my cell phone ringer for a grade 10 student... he didn't recognize the Muppets theme song! Everyone recognizes the Muppet theme song! I graduated college 10 years ago this year! OMG I'm old! In 2 years I'll be getting my 1o year pin at work! Arrrrgh! Where has my life gone, its slipped away!

I have aches and pains, I can't keep up with the teens at TKD anymore. Sigh.

It sucks getting old.


Von said...

Yes, Dani, it does indeed suck to get old. :D But we haven't much choice in the matter now, do we? Lol!
You did quite well with your stitching goals in February!!

Abi said...

30 seems like such a big number. I will turn 30 in November, and I absolutely dread it. But hey, isn't 30 the new 20 (or something like that?) LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dani, you have no idea. ;-) But you're not officially old until you've experienced looking a mirror (or store window while shopping sometime) and not recognizing the person looking back. Or else thinking that your mother was suddenly there looking back. Debby

Katie said...

Oh yikes....I get to put off the big 3-0 for another year and am already dreading it ackkk...

Way to go on the stitching goals!!++

Erin said...

I share your pain, dear....I'll be 30 in April! The students I work with are a bit older - college age, 18-22ish - but from time to time I still feel the gap widening. Although I still get mistaken for a student by folks older than me.... hehehe

Great job on those stitching goals!! (I've been slacking.)

Unknown said...

I'm not 30 for a couple more years but I feel your pain... I look at teenagers and even college students these days and think to myself "Wow they look so young, too young to be in college" Where I work I'm still considered on the young side so that feels good I guess.

Anonymous said...

I turned 30 last October, Dani, so I know what you're going through. I think any age with a 0 at the end makes you really take a closer look at your life. It'll be okay, trust me. :)

Dawn T. said...

It's not so bad turning 30. Now 31 was the hard one for me. :)