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Monday, February 27, 2006

SAL Progress

Finally I had a good stitching stretch on both of my SALs! Yesterday I worked on Celtic Banner and I got a good stretch done on the border I'm sure it'll be done before March is out!

Today I continued to work on celestial Dragon's border... gosh you'd think I'd be getting bored of these borders!

Hmmm I don't have much else to say today.


Von said...

I just couldn't stitch that much of the borders first, lol!! You keep at it Dani and you'll soon be filling in the design. :D

Sylvie said...

Great progresses on both of them!

BeckySC said...

Dani, that's a lot of stitching already...and it's just the borders :) i am looking forward to watching your progress!

I love your lastest ornie :) !