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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Some Policemen Are Cute But...

When you usually meet police men its not under the best circumstances!

Tonight while teaching my little kiddies at TKD my cell phone started ringing, now not a lot of people have my number and well it rings so infrequently it took me a couple of minutes to realize it was mine! It turned out to be my other half calling. I was a little surprised he called because he knows I teach on Wednesday nights and I told him that. He was like I know I'd only call you if it was an emergency. So of course my first response is okay what's wrong.

It turns out that my best friend Christin's place had been broken into and that I needed to call her. After a short conversation, I made arrangements for my assistant instructor to take over the rest of my classes and off I went to Christin's... picking up some dinner for her along the way even though I know dinner was the last thing on her mind.

I kept her company and we started a list of what needed to be done while we waited for the police to show. She was lucky in the fact that, she wasn't home but her laptop and laundry money had been taken. As computer savvy stitchers I'm sure we'll all understand how much an impact the loss of a computer can have on us! Also being burgled in not a nice feeling.

I have to commend the local police force they sent a good looking cop with a great personality to check out her place. He was very sympathetic and quite through. He even took the laundry container for fingerprinting!

It turns out that attempts to force the locks on several apartments on different floors had been reported and so far Christin's apartment was the only one they were successful with.

So I've brought Christin home with me for the night. I know I wouldn't of wanted to stay home by myself after I've been robbed.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that Christin's place was broken into! We had that happen to an apartment we lived in many years ago and it was a very unsettling feeling! You're a great friend to take her to your home so that you can recover. :)

Myrna said...

You are a good friend to help out Cristin. It will be a while before the violated feeling goes away.

Litla Skvís said...

Oh no! How horrible. I can't imagine what it feels like, having a stranger in your home, going through your things :-/
Give Christin a hug from me, even if I don't know her.
I hope they catch the guy that did this.

Schokti said...

That is a bit of unwanted excitement, isn't it? Christin is lucky to have you. Hopefully it gets solved soon!

Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Oh, how awful. :( Glad it was only a loss of property and that she is well despite the situation. Glad she has a friend like you to be there for her.

Bastet said...

What a horrid thing to have happen. At least she's okay. You're a wonderful friend to have her spend the night at your place, I'm sure that felt safer to her than her place at the moment. Though I dont know her, give her a hug for me. This is definately a time when hugs are needed.

Shannon said...

{{{hugs}}}} for Christin. It is a horrible feeling of your personal space being violated. I'm glad she's okay, and very sorry for the loss of her items. Hopefully, by some miracle, they can catch the people who did this. And I agree with others, you are a great friend to give her a place to go stay for the night !

Carol said...

Hi Dani - that's just terrible news about Christin!! I am so glad you are there for her right now! So sad... Same thing happened to Barbara in Holland on Monday (aka Mainely Stitching). While she and her DH were putting the kids to bed upstairs, they were robbed downstairs - her laptop is gone too! Unfortunately for her, the police there are being difficult - and not cute at all!

Oh, poor Christin!