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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ornament Exchnages!

Over the last few weeks I've received three lovely ornaments through the mail. Two of them were from the Teresa Wentzler Ornament Exchange and one through the Needle and Thread Ornament Exchange. The last one arrived yesterday so here they all are for you to see.

TWOE, Non-TW Exchange from Anu

TWOE, TW Exchange from Paula

NTOE from Shannon

Also its time to share another progress picture with you, this time of Moon Dragon from Dragon Dreams. This piece is a SWIP (Slow Work In Progress), since I'm not allowing myself to go all out on stitching this one (or it would of been done over a week ago!). I'm working on this piece on 32ct Natural Linen, one half will be the Moon Dragon the other half Teresa Wentzler's Sun Dragon. I'm only letting myself work on it one thread length at a time. Otherwise I think Noah's Sub would never get done. As much as I think Noah's Sub is adorable its a chore to stitch. But its coming along!

Oh yeah, I also made up two fobs today. One is a custom order through Knowledge and Needles and the second one (the dolphin) will be for sale at the shop.


Anonymous said...

My, what beautiful fobs and ornaments. Have fun stitching the moon dragon. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. Ann.

Dawn T. said...

All the ornaments are beautiful!

stitcherw said...

The ornaments are lovely, as are the fobs. I especially like the greens in the dolphin fob. What a fun idea to put the moon dragon and sun dragon side by side. I'll look forward to seeing the finished piece.

Anne S said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress on the DD/TW piece :) Your received ornies are all gorgeous (I especially love the one from Anu), as are the fobs :)

Anonymous said...

I fully understand the drag on a piece like Noah's Sub. I did a piece that was Emmet Kelly Jr. and if I hadn't had a dead line as to when it had to be done I would probably be still working on it. The final piece was well worth it though. It has a place of honor on my husband's godfathers living room wall.

Michelle said...

Love those gorgeous fobs (especially the dolphins)! You are so talented and creative.

Unknown said...

They are all so pretty :)
Lovvvveeee the fobs *sparkly*