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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fair & Square Round 9 Received & Photo Hunt # 129

Good morning, BBSW (Black Belt Stitching Wizard) readers! For some reason, I'm up and perky before 10 am on a Sunday! Actually I've been up since 7am which as my family and friends can attest to is very odd for me. So I've booted up the ole' computer, uploaded some pictures to share with you, and I've started the stretching on Kathy's wedding sampler that she wanted re-framed behind glass. Meanwhile Todd is being a real sweetie and making me breakfast.

First I'll start with something stitching related since this blog has been quite bereft of stitching content for about two weeks now! Mid-week I received my squares for round 9 of Fair and Square from Jane in the UK. They are going to make a fantastic addition to the quilt I'm going to make from them. Jane's squares will be going in the mail on Monday and hopefully they will make it quickly across the pond so I can share them with you. I quite like what I stitched up for her.

On the model stitching front, I'll be finishing up the Dragon Dreams model today! Yippeeee! I stayed up until after 1am stitching, and I could of stayed up longer but I decided I didn't want to waste a fair part of Sunday sleeping in. I'm down to the last cross stitching section, and one row of specialty stitches. When I'm done here online I'll be picking it back up.

This weeks Photo Hunt theme is "View" and I think I'm going to share with you one you've seen before... its my favourite view at a very good friend of mine's summer home. I often make it out there on average twice while she's in Canada and I get to enjoy this fantastic view of lake Ontario.

I've almost reached my fundraising goal for Run For The Cure, I'm sitting at 480.00 out of 500 raised. I have until Sunday morning on October 5th and I'm sure I'll reach it by then! Thank you to all of you out there in the blogger community who have made online donations (see the link below my profile in the sidebar if you're interested in donating).


Julie said...

Lovely squares from Jane. I love the pic too.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Very pretty F&S square you received, Dani. I so admire you for your "Run" effort. I want to support you, too. Did you see on my blog my son does 2 charitible marathon/runs per year. One is for cerebral palsy, which my first little granddaughter, Amelia, has. I can appreciate the effort and heart it takes to do this. Thank you for caring, Dani.
Love and hugs,

tkdquintmom said...

Ooo I do like that square!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the view of the lake Ontario, pretty.

Lovely squares too.

Dawn B. said...

You should try 4am every morning as that's what I do. Like the new square nad thanks for visiting my blog and the comment.

Sally said...

Love the F&S squares you received Dani and the photo is lovely.

Heidi said...

What great squares Dani!

Karan said...

Lovely square from Jane - such a gorgeous colour. Great pic - so wish I was sat in that chair!
WTG on the fundraising Dani - excellent! :0)

Christine said...

Lovely squares!
I've been enjoying your photos too, and love this view of the lake.

Ruth said...

Beautiful squares, beautiful views, .... all the things we love about your blog :)

Congrats on the productive morning.

Lisa said...

Pretty squares from Jane, I always did like the Quaker designs. Looking forward to seeing your finished model of Dragon Dreams.Thank you for doing the fundraising for breast cancer. :-)