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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vonna's Shop & Photo Hunt # 126 - String(s)

Today I had a lovely day out at Rebecca's grandparent's cottage! Her family's cottage is about half way between my place and her place so its a great meeting point for us. Also we've been trying to arrange this for about a year now so that us girls could stitch in the lovely screened in porch (no bugs) and the boys (Curits & Todd) could go fishing. Finally that happened today. The cottage is out on a beautiful lake, which I have to say I'm hoping we can go back again so I can get out in the boat with my camera, we went for a tour on the lake after dinner but there wasn't enough light for pictures.

View from the Dock

View from the Boathouse

Rebecca's Son Caleb

I spent the day working on Vonna's Neighbourhood Round Robin, and I finished up the last of it tonight! I hope you like it Vonna!

Zweigart's Tannenbaum Giftshop
c2006 Zweigart/Joan Toggitt
Stitched with DMC
Here's last week's Phtohunt #126 - Strings... and well you've got plenty of that when you've got a full set of DMC!


~Tammy said...

The cottage looks like a heavenly place to spend a late summer day.

The floss colour picture is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'd love to be there at that cottage. It looks heavenly.

Your little stitching shop looks great. I bet Vonna's neighbourhood is really thankful to you for opening their very own LNS. lol

Kathy A. said...

Morning Dani
I love your addition to Vonna's neighborhood - she will just be crazy about it.
Boy, you sure like to collect people who live by the water LOL. Nice place that Rebecca has there.I know you and Todd had been looking forward to that visit. Love your Strings picture - that is just the coolest.

Daffycat said...

Oh the cottage looks wonderful! So peaceful.

Vonna will love her needlework shop~great job!

Stings? Perfect photo! lol

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

I really like what you stitched for Vonna's RR!

Andrea said...

Great shop, like the name. :) The cottage looks to be in a beautiful spot.

Ranae said...

How creative to use Vonna's name for the title of the cottage, looks so homey.

Julie said...

What a cute little guy, it looks a lovely place to be.
The RR is superb, perfect name you gave the shop!

Angela said...

Your cottage looks wonderful in Vonna's neighbourhood robin. Love the cottage pics. What part of Ontario is that?

Vonna said...

I love it and the name is PERFECT :O)
What a sweet, sweet addition Dani :o)
Thank you!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

I'm hijacking your comments Dani - Angela asked where the cottage was, it is in the township of Leeds and Lansdowne on the part of water called Black Rapids which links Red Horse Lake and Gananoque Lake.

I had a WONDERFUL time on Saturday and I know Curt did as well, he asked when you were coming again:-)I didn't seem to accomplish much stitching but it was lovely chatting with you nevertheless.

We will have to look at the calendar and schedule another visit in as soon as we can.

Vonna's neighbourhood looks wonderful here, as well as in person.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Looks like a wonderful get away. Your little section of Vonna's RR came out great, congrats on the finish. CJ(ok;-)

Anne S said...

Love your photo hunt choice ... what more could a girl want? LOL. Great photos of the lake and boat house too! And of course Vonna's RR is beautiful :D

Karan said...

Looks a beautiful place - great pics. :0)
The RR is lovely too. :0)

Beatrice said...

Oh my that is a nice place. The weather was certainly great too!
The RR is looking good and I can't wait to see that DD.your stitching.
As usual your photo is perfect...Strings... not what I would have thought are so smart!

Suzanne said...

What a lovely relaxing place, my husband says what a great fishing spot.

I love the little shop you stitched for Vonna. Very clever name for the shop as well.

Lennu said...

It's a lovely square you've stitched for Vonna! I enjoyed looking at your photohunt photos :)