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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photo Hunt #128 "Road"

This week's Photo Hunt theme is "Road"

I took this shot on my trip to the Adirondacks with my in late July. We stayed just outside of a small town called Keene, right in the mountains. It was just gorgeous there! I could very easily go back.

Tonight we've had a little visitor, just hanging out on our sliding doors! Todd says he's a tree frog.

For those of you who are wondering who the winner is of my blogiversary draw I just wanted to let you know I'll be drawing the name tomorrow so stay tuned.

I want to say a big thank you to those of you who have been kind enough to support me in the Run For The Cure (raising funds for Breast Cancer research)! The run is on October 5th, and Todd has been a real sweetie he has registered to run too. He's decided just to pay the fee to participate, whereas to me this is an important cause (well any cancer research is) and I decided to try and raise the minimum $150 (this way the registration fee would be waived). I've been quite surprised by the generosity of those I have asked to donate, as of tonight I have raised $250 and I have upped my goal to $350. There's still time for me to fund raise so we'll see just how much I can gather in donations, as we know every penny counts!

If you are interested in making a donation it can be done online and the amount will go towards my fundraising totals click HERE. You can be from anywhere in the world to make a donation, if you don't live in Canada or the US just make sure your province/state is listed as N/A in the drop-down list. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Lovely shot for the Road theme - and LOVE the tree frog ... they're soooo cute! :D

Lisa said...

Thanks for reminding me about donating. Almost forgot!

Karan said...

Oh great pics again Dani. Would love to see where that road leads. :0)
Good Luck with the fundraising - lost my SIL last year to secondaries from breast cancer, so it's a cause close to my heart.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dani, I tried to donate twice, but the page turns into a "server error"... :-( Ann