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Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Weekend at Ann's

First I want to start off by saying I had a wonderful weekend at Ann's! I left work on Friday pretty tired, worn out, bone weary, and sore (did I forget any descriptors?). The last thing I really wanted to do was hit the road for yet another weekend away from home. Deep down inside I think I wanted to stay home and hide in my bed! However, I have enjoyed the ornamentifcation tradition Ann and I have kept going for a number of years. So I packed the car (again) and headed out after work.

There is something about visiting with Ann and Dan that is just so re-energizing to my psyche. I went there exhausted and sore and I came home this evening feeling like myself again. There is something about going there that makes me truly rest and relax, maybe its because Dan makes me laugh... a lot!

Friday night I arrived after 8 PM at Ann & Dan's, Ann's shop sign Knowledge and Needles was a warm, welcome beacon on the dark road just outside of town. I got out of my car to be greeted by the girlie dogs, Paddie and Mollie! For some reason this weekend they wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a good shot of them to share with you this time! It was nice to settle in in front of the wood stove and visit with Ann before an early night (well early for me).

Saturday we had to be up early, to drop off my car so that my winter tires could be put on for the season. Dan took me up to see a house he was paining in Brighton, it had the most amazing view of Lake Ontario! I could of easily sat on that deck for the rest of my life and snitched away! Every room in that house looks over that view, the architect/planner was a genius with this house! Before Ann and I could get to Ornamentifing we had to do some running around.

Once we did get started though, this is what Ann's sun room looked like with just two of us making ornaments. How we did this in the past with 4-6 people together I don't know! It was nice for a change, just the two of us (and less stressful). We were both surprised when we found it took us the entire day to each put together about 7-8 ornaments each!

Here's Ann's bounty of ornaments.

For mine, I used Ann's trees in her backyard for a little creative photography.
Victorian Lace Ornament

1992 Santa

Partridge In a Pear Tree

Santa Stick-Up 1

Santa Stick-Up 2

Holly Ornament

Prarie Schooler Freebie

After Saturday's finishing frenzy, I now have a total of 11 finished ornaments for Christmas 2008. Its not as many as I'd like to have, I guess I'd better get stitching once my obligations are done!

Today Ann and I had a relaxing day with some stitching, and of course lots of chatting!

Now onto something that just makes me sick! Ann is the owner of Knowledge and Needles, a little shop in the back of her home. When you go into Ann's shop you are entering her home, always warmly greeted by Ann and the dogs. Not only does Ann have a great selection in her little shop, but she's always more than willing to help stitchers, to teach you, to help you find something that's no longer in print or that you don't know where it came from. Ann is happy to take her own time track it down and get it for you, there is never an extra cost, just a smile.

This is why I'm just DISGUSTED on Ann's behalf! If you go to her blog, you can read about how several stitched items have gone missing from her shop! Five pieces that Ann knows about (several tea towels and a cushion) that were on display in her shop are gone, stolen! This is upsetting! What is more upsetting is that two of the towels are Christmas gifts for her family, Ann had these on display in her shop to help sell product and someone took them!

This is someone who has been into her home, who has spoken with Ann, has been greeted enthusiastically by the dogs and served with a smile. This is a stitcher, and I've often said there's a stitcher I haven't met that I didn't like, never one that has given me that feeling that they couldn't be trusted. Perhaps stitchers aren't the rare breed I thought they were.


Gabi said...

Beautiful ornaments. I especially love "Partridge In a Pear Tree". From who is that design?
And so sorry to hear what happened to your friend. It's really disgusting what happened to her.

Christine said...

Wonderful ornaments. My favourites are Partridge in a pear tree, and the holly ornament.
I'm appalled that anyone would treat your friend that way. Some people have no shame

ollie1976 said...

Sounds like a great time and your ornaments turned out great. That's awful about what happened to Ann.

Leah said...

Wow, you got a lot accomplished this weekend. They look awesome!!

Daffycat said...

Dani, your ornaments turned out so nice. What a fun thing to do together!

Poo on Ann's theif! I visited her blog and told Ann what I thought.

Stephanie said...

Dani I love all the ornaments you and Ann made - I think I would be far far more motivated to fnish my Christmas ornaments if I had a friend to egg me on :)

I'm also disgusted by what's happened to Ann's stitching from her shop - it's very disappointing that you can't trust your customers when you're a small local business :(

Louanne said...

Your ornaments are beautiful! Great work, as always! What a shame about the stolen items! WOW! How BOLD! I'm going over to her blog to leave a message.

Amanda said...

Fantastic ornaments! What a great idea to visit a friend and do all that finishing.

Laura said...

Your ornaments are magnificent! My favorite is the Partridge in a Pear Tree. Glad you had a great, relaxing weekend with Ann.

And I also read about the theft on Ann's blog and was saddened. But I have encountered stitchers from the dark side before online. Thankfully, there are many, many more good ones than bad.

Angela said...

All of the ornaments that you both made are beautiful and sometimes when i am putting them together I feel like I need a table that long too :)

Whoever stole those stitched pieces should be ashamed of themselves! I too would never think another stitcher would ever steal, we know how long it takes to stitch these things! Perhaps it was someone who admired them and knew they would never be able to do it? Eventually something bad will happen to them in return as I am a believer in "What goes around, comes around".

Carol R said...

What a lovely idea to have a weekend finishing with a good friend! I love both Ann's and your ornaments - can you tell me more about Holly Ornament please?

How awful that someone came into Ann's home/shop and stole from her. It made me very angry to think that a fellow stitcher would abuse her hospitality. I will go to her blog and leave her a message. What is this world coming to?

Karoline said...

All the finishing looks lovely Dani, congratulations.

Sorry to hear that Ann has been hit by thieves, sadly I'm all too aware that LNS's can be targeted as much (sometimes more) than other stores.

Stitcher said...

What a lovely lot of ornaments you two have made! The house you described sounds wonderful and must be a treat to look out those windows in any season!
I'm sorry for what happened to Ann; truly despicable. I think most people are inherently good but there is always going to be a rotten apple who spoils it for everyone else. I used to think all gardeners were honest, good folk but I sure found out the hard way as have a few of my gardening friends. Really bites. :o(

riona said...

The ornaments are all phenomenal ... I especially loved your Victorian Lace and your Prairie Schooler Santa ... and ,of course, I have been planning to add the Celtic beasties to my stash as soon as my buying moratorium is over ... ever since I saw them on Ann's blog.

As to the theft ... I would guess the problem is more widespread then you think. While on vacation in Maryland last June, I visited a great shop called Stitch Today, Knot Tomorrow and got a real crick in my neck looking at all her store models ... the lowest of which was hung nine or ten feet above the floor ... a tactic the owner had to resort to in order to circumvent thefts. Watch e-bay for a while, I think you'll recognize Ann's models on someone's sale auction.

Anna van Schurman said...

Wow! Your round ornament came out so round. Congratulations--lots of nice stuff.

As for a stitching shop being stolen from--happens all the time. Happens at stitching shows, happens at home.

Heidi said...

Your ornaments are beautiful! I've never tried to make ornaments, but seeing your finishe products makes me want to try!!
So sorry to hear about what happened to Ann. Such a terrible thing!

Von said...

Dani, I'm glad to hear you had such a nice weekend with Ann and were able to accomplish so much finishing! Every one of them is totally delightful. :)

As for the theft from Ann's shop, it's horrifying. In any grouping of people, even the most wonderful, there are always a few posers. :(

Beatrice said...

All of your ornaments are wonderful and good for you to get so many done. I'm so glad you had a nice relaxing time at Ann and Dan's.

As for the shop situation she is such a gracious hostess and Shop keeper. I'd like to come face to face with that thief!!!!!

Stitchingranny said...

On the whole I have found stitchers really lovely people but I guess there is always one that can spoil things.

I would tell your friend to be very wary though as if this person has got away with it so easily she/he may try it again and it could be some treasure from her home next time.

Glad you had a lovely weekend and love your ornies (especially the victorian lace one and the holly one).

Julie said...

Wonderful assortment of ornaments.
How sad for Ann, i dont understand how anyone could do something so awful.

Shelleen said...

great ornament finishing

Tammy said...

Your ornament finishing is gorgeous.

So sorry to hear what has happened to Ann. Sometimes the actions of people can be so disappointing and downright disgusting!

Cindy F. said...

Love all of the ornaments. Beautifully finished!
Re: Ann being robbed! It had to have been a person posing as a stitcher! No seriously, I'm like you, I never want to believe a stitcher would do that! Truly horrible and upsetting! Whoever did it, it will come back to them. Karma's a bitch!

Bette said...

Your ornaments look lovely. And I know how Ann feels. The shop I worked at before this one has had several models stolen. So many that I asked that mine be displayed on high shelves. It's really sad when you can't trust a stitcher, especially one you consider a friend.

Suzanne said...

Wow, you ornaments are beautiful. You have done an excellent job in finishing them all.

It's really sad that someone would have to steal the stitched items. I know my LNS has had the same problem and most of the stitched items are now behind glass. They also request to look in your bag before you leave as well. It makes me very sad.

Kathy A. said...

You did a lovely job on your ornaments Dani!
I feel so bad for Ann. She is such a lovely welcoming soul. This must be so hard for her to understand. Will send her an email asap.

Sally said...

Wow, look at all those fantastic ornaments! They all look gorgeous.

I can't believe that a stitcher could do something like that. I thought we were all good souls ( I think most of us are though). It is awful and I really feel for Ann. It's bad enough when it's a shop standing on it's own but when it's a shop within your own home it is disgusting. I have been over to Ann's blog to leave her a comment.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous ornaments! Sorry to hear about what happended to Ann! I don't how peiple can live with themselves after they have done something like that.

tkdquintmom said...

That's really sad that someone would take something like that. We had one of our LNS have their Just Nan's Lady Scarlett taken right out from under their noses in front of the cashier!

On a lighter note, the ornies turned out beautiful...let me forward you my address...:-) LOL

Olga said...

Ann and you made such gorgeous ornaments.
I am so sorry to hear about the mean . I am just sure the theft will not make her happy.

Ruth said...

Thieving people suck! Tell Ann we're all sorry on behalf of stitcherdom.

I love your ornies. You are to be commended on wonderful stitching AND wonderful finishing!

Donna said...

Love your ornaments. And I can't believe someone would take something that special from someone's shop, much less someone's home.

Carolyn said...

Fantastic ornaments!!! I just love Christmas ornies. :) It will be so fun to add them to your tree this year.

That is HORRIBLE what happened to Ann. It sickens me that another stitcher would do something like that. :( Hugs to her.

Carolyn :)

Miokka said...

Love your ornaments. What a great idea to have a finish with a friend gathering. I think I will put that on my stitching goal list for next year1
So sad about Ann and the theft from her home. Happened at my LNS several years ago. Not sure how some folks live with themself?

Karan said...

Wow, you have been busy since my last visit. Gorgeous ornies! :0)
So sorry to hear about what happened to Ann - hope she doesn't let one bad apple spoil everything. As for the thief: what goes around comes around!

Lynn said...

You did an awesome job on all of your ornies! I particularily like the Partridge in a Pear Tree one!
I'm sure you both enjoyed your day together.
As for the theft, I really feel badly for Ann. She is such a lovely person and it must be difficult for her(and all of us) to understand how someone she has welcomed into her home and shop could take advantage of her like that. Some people are incredibly nervy!

Michelle said...

What a fun tradition you have of putting your ornaments together every year. They all came out beautifully. I am so sorry to hear about the theft though...very sad.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.