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Monday, January 05, 2009

I Survived... But I'd Rather Be Retired!

I've made it! I've survived the first day back to work, a first day for many of us and a day the world came awake again. I think so many of us were off over the two week span of Christmas. Not only did I survive, I made it to the gym and had a real good sweat! LOL I wouldn't of wanted to give me a hug after I was done! Now the downside, or maybe its the upside I've got a very slight cold. Upside because at least it waited until the holidays were over. Downside, who wants to be sick? Hopefully I sweated enough of it out tonight.
Tomorrow its weigh in day, Taekwon-Do and Cardio Taebox!

Now since I'm still stitching top secret stuff... another PhotoHunt (boy I'm spoiling you guys lately!). Photo Hunt #134 - Blue

This is one of many tulips decorated by local artists and celebrities for the Annual Tulip Festival in Ottawa. I quite fell in love with this one, it was very striking! By the way, blue is my favourite colour (if you hadn't already figured that out)!


Laura said...

that is a tulip? hmmmmm...and kudos to you for working out. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Kathy A. said...

Well, Im glad you survived your first day. Retirement will come in it's own good time. You think you are busy now -just retire lol
Lovely tulip photo but I think you will have to show the whole thing

Louanne said...

I was off for over 2 weeks also... It is hard going back to work! YAY! We made it! I'm back to my spin classes, first time back since surgery and it went well! You are an inspiration! You look fantastic and you are so dedicated! Kudos to you for sticking with it.
Uhhh... A tulip? Uhhh OK. Blue is my favorite color too. That's an interesting picture.

Rebel In Ontario said...

I'm sure you kick the colds butt last night! Love the photo...take care of yourself and I have my fingers crossed for you for weigh in, even though you don't seem to need it...almost to goal! YEA DANI!

Julie said...

Cool pic, hope you are feeling better today, good luck with the weigh in.

Margie said...

You were far better than me - after my first day back after a two week break, I could not drag myself on the treadmill. Good job!

Beatrice said...

Take care of that cold...good luck at the WW.
Tulip????? Pretty photo...yup it's blue!
I walked for an hour at the Super store Wal-Mart today does that count?
good for you to stay with it!

Cindy F. said...

Tulip? Really? hmmm...looks like aquaman:)

Hope you don't get full blown cold. Feel better!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

Sorry to hear about the cold.
Keep warm, drink orange juice
and get plenty of sleep and
hopefully it'll go away without
getting any worse.

Saw the picture of you (Old/
New Me) and just about fell off
my chair! WOW!!! You look
fabulous darling!! (to quote
Billy Crystal) You've worked
so hard to get this far and it
has certainly paid off. Well
done!!! I'm so happy for you.

I see the ceremonial emptying
of the ORT jar has occurred.
This means that the New Year
has well and truly begun. I
love your New ORT jar but you intend to fill
it to the top?? It looks
pretty tall.

Half way through Paradigm and
it looks fantastic. The blue
colour really pops in your
photos of this project making
the motifs really stand out.
Good choice of colour.

I went back to work yesterday
too. Groan!! We're up to our
eyeballs in work. Which meant
overtime. I'm ready for another

Hope the storm due to hit us
tonight doesn't cause you too
much trouble tomorrow. I think
your area is going to get it
worse then ours.


Lynn said...

Hope you're feeling better now. I survived the return to work as well but it was such a bad week that I'm wishing I hadn't!