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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Its Been A Week

Boy, its been a long, hard week. I suppose the fist week back to work after a nice long holiday always is. My mild cold stayed that way all week long, it didn't get any worse but it sure lowered my defences so to speak. I was tired all week and between being tired and sick I really had to push myself to work out. I also had to fight my cravings tooth and nail! I don't think I've had such a hard time with cravings in months. Of course I wanted all the things that aren't the best for a girl on Weight Watchers. If there hadn't been a snow storm on Wednesday I most surely would of brought a VERY big pizza home from my favourite place which is just down the street from work. One night, I even dreamt of having a Big Mac! I've not been near the Golden Arches in almost a year now. One thing I do know, I ate a lot more chocolate than I normally will in a week (can you believe I can give up alcohol but not chocolate???).

I've not stitched much at all this week and I really need to get moving with my exchange piece! So that doesn't help matters at all. Also the fact that I'm just not into it! At least I'll get a nice afternoon of stitching in tomorrow... Kathy is coming for a visit! Yay! I can't wait. I've not seen Kathy since October and after tomorrow I won't be seeing her again until at least May.

Speaking of friends I can now also look forward to next weekend! I'm going to be heading down to Brighton after work on Friday (weather permitting of course) to visit with Ann and Dan. Ann has asked me to run the shop... Knowledge and Needles on Saturday (so ignore the notice on her webpage that she's closed)! How fun! Hopefully a customer or two will pop in so I can try my skills at needlework shop employee.

Finally, no post is complete without a picture right? So here's another older Photo Hunt. Photo Hunt #136 - Ruin(ed)

This is the ruin (ha ha see how I interpret this?) of Yuma Prison in Arizona. In honour of Kathy's visit since this is where she spends her winters.


Tanja said...

I've passed the sign of the prison in Yuma so many times on my way to San Diego, CA, but never took the time to stop and actually look around there. Maybe I should next time!

Kathy A. said...

Okay hon, I do not spend my winters in the Yuma Prison ROFLMAO!!!!!!
Look forward to our Sunday visit!

Brigitte said...

The first week back to work is always hard but you have survived it, lol. The second should be better and I hope that your cold will disappear soon.

My first week back to work will start tomorrow, sigh ...

Wanda said...

Sure hope you are feeling better. I am also getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. I've been battling a cold for going on a month now. Think I'll head to the Dr. tomorrow...who ever heard of a cold lasting a month? I know what you mean about Chocolate. But I figure it's better to eat it than deprive yourself....if I deprive myself, I'll end up binging. Hope this coming week finds you with more energy! Feel better soon

AnnMcD said...

Nice of them to let Kathy out of Yuma Prison long enough to come home for Christmas!

Tammy said...

The comments prior to this about letting Kathy out prison long enough to visit for Christmas is too funny. Gorgeous picture by the way.

Good for you resisting the temptation of fast food, especially when you're sick.

I, too could give up alcohol (only really a social drinker), but chocolate would be much more difficult. I just had mini chocolate chips on my oatmeal to sweeten it rather than syrup - yummy!

Anonymous said...

I could TOTALLY give up alcohol before giving up chocolate. I never crave a drink, but sometimes the call to chocolate is overwhelming.
Nothing else will do.

Have a good visit with Kathy.

Rebel In Ontario said...

I'm with ya sister, I could go alcohol free for life but I need my chocolate! Well, I could even give that up for coffee :-)
Enjoy your time at "the shop", if you need another stop on your way home, you know where I am!
Tell Kathy "HI!!!!" and I can't wait to see her again come spring.
Have fun stitching today, I've got the coffee in the cup, the laundry on the go and I'm headed to my chair right here shortly.

Von said...

Have loads of fun with Kathy, and at the shop! :)

Karin said...

Have a great visit with Kathy, and I'm sure you'll be a great employee.

Angela said...

I'm really enjoying your photo hunt pics, they are all so wonderful!

Julie said...

Hope you have fun with Kathy and next week is better for you, well done on resisting the temptations - i cant resist choccie either, i just have a small piece instead of the whole bar!!

Karen said...

Hope you have a nice time with Kathy

glamlawlib said...

I hope you feel better soon and that next week is a easier :)

Lots of people are off with flu where I work and struggling with diets and things, you're not alone!

stitcherw said...

Have a good time visiting with Kathy and I'll look forward to hearing about all you get stitched. Hope your cold is gone soon. It is hard enough to get motivated to get out in the nasty weather we've been having without having to do it when you're not feeling well.

Cindy F. said... Kathy living in the prison or is she a prison guard?!
I hope you guys had a great time today!
Hey, I can do without alcohol,,but never chocolate!
Hope you're feeling better and getting your energy back so you can get back to stitching!
Have a great week!