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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Annual Knowledge & Needles Open House Report

This past Saturday was Ann's annual Knowledge and Needles open house.  I realized, that I've been going to Ann's Get Together/Retreat/Open House (its evolved over the years) for 10 years now!  Can you believe it?  The first mention of it on my blog was in August of 2004 HERE this event has always signaled the end of my summer as by this time my holidays are over and the start of September and the kids coming back to school is looming right in front of me.

Stitchers in the garage

And in the kitchen

and in the sunroom

The day as usual was a huge success the house and garage were filled with stitchers!  We figure that over the course of the day about 38ish different people came through.  I love the day because I get to visit with friends, reconnect with those who I only see a few times a year, and meet new stitchers!

My road trip companion (and official keeper awaker) Christin

Bonnie "tried" to combine exam studying and stitching (I think I only saw those notes come out once)

Barb's Amazing HAED only 4 more years to go she says!

When stitchers get together there's always an awesome display of needlework!  Here's a quick peek at what awesome work was on display!

One of my favorite pieces on display, TW's Egyptian Sampler 

 Wow!  All French Knots!  Crazy!

 This upcoming weekend I have another awesome stitching adventure, its my dear friend Kathy's Labour Day Stitching Get Together!  I missed it last year so I'm soooo looking forward to going and stitching up a storm!


Clare-Aimetu said...

Amazing work - we have Get Togethers and it's lovely to see everyone and look at their work.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great time!

Mii Stitch said...

Lucky you, it's my idea of a fab weekend!! Sounds like you had a brilliant time and there was some serious pieces of art there too! ☺

Julie said...

Fabulous assortment of projects. The Christmas stockings look so wonderful and i love the french knot plant pots - they are fun.
The HAED design is a WOW project, well done to the lady who is stitching that one.

Nicola said...

What a stunning display of stitching - just beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness all that stitching looks amazing!!!

Ann said...

Hi Dani,
Seems to me like you had a lot of fun (can't miss with everything stitching related).
There were indeed some beautifull pieces on display! Hope you didn't drool to much upon them! ;-)
Have a nice weekend!

Chris said...

It looks like a wonderful event. What beautiful stitching.
Have fun this weekwnd!!

Christine said...

What a lot of amazing work

Carol said...

Boy, this year has flown by quickly, Dani--it seems like you were just posting about this fun get together a couple months ago! How wonderful to see everyone's finishes and WIPs in person--and even better to catch up with old friends.

Good luck with the new school year!

Annie said...

What a great tradition! Ten years is a long time. Wonderful displays of work and looks like a lot of fun stitching with friends. Imagine thinking you could study and stitch at the very same time!

Bette said...

Gosh, there's some gorgeous stitching there. Sounds like another fun get together for you, Dani.


Giovanna said...

What gorgeous stitching by everyone, and it looks like such great fun :-)

Cole said...

There are some amazing pieces in those stitching displays, well done ladies!

Enjoy your road trip this weekend!

Jo said...

Looks like yet another amazing retreat! So jealous! You have all created such wonderful, varied projects. I started to think about total stitching hours, then gave up!!

Jackie said...

Wow Dani. They are all so beautiful. Lots of eye candy.
Enjoy your Labour Day Stitching Get Together.

Lesleyanne said...

All of the stitching is gorgeous. Looks like a great time was had by all. Enjoy your Labour Day Stitching.

Lynn said...

Beautiful pics! I always love seeing what everyone has stitched. There's some amazing work displayed there!

Christine S said...

Wow, how fantastic! All of those stitched pieces are absolutely stunning!

Linda said...

Looks like fun Dani. The stitching pieces are awesome.


Bev C said...

Hello Dani,

Thanks so much for sharing you day out with fellow stitcher's. The work on display was amazing, much appreciated. Glad to hear you caught up with friends.

Happy days.

Lumiruusu said...

Whats out,
here are stitchers everywhere ?!! :D

So fun and a heartwarming picture of stitchers at he garage..We really can stitch in most interesting places ??!

What is funniest place you have stitched?
I remember that I saw a picture and a story about the Lady who works at USA Airforce Staff and stitched her most romantic Mirabilia Fairy in the huge aeroplane that is so big that you can even drive trucks and other big vehicles in it.

All you ladyes had stitched amazing pieces ,I really enjoyd thse pictures ,thank you for sharing them with us !
Enjoy Your weekend !

With my best greetings,

Karoline said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time, there was some gorgeous stitching on display

Nic said...

Looks like you had a great time.
There's some really lovely work on display there.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

10 years! What a great tradition and way to finish the summer.

There's some amazing stitching there, so many projects to drool over!

ollie1976 said...

some beautiful work and whoever did the pots with the French knots needs an award!

Karen said...

So much talent on display! Beautiful stitching pieces! Looks like everyone had a blast! Enjoy your long weekend at Kathy's! :)

Kaisievic said...

Dani, that stich in looks like so much fun and thanks for sharing all of the wonderful stitched pieces. There are so many that I love that I am speechless. There are just so many talented people in the world, aren't there?

Anne said...

Amazing photos Dani! Wow! The ladies were packed into the garage?!?! Maybe one day in the future I can join this group...maybe by then we'll be placed in the garden shed! LOL!