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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

VERY Late March 30th TUSAL

Wow!  I have been the WORST blogger ever!  I just seem to keep putting off posting over and over lately.  I'm either too busy stitching or too lazy to pull the laptop up to blog.

So here's my orts from the March 31st TUSAL.  On the top you can see a lovely pile of yellow/gold orts that are from Teresa Wentzler's Birth Announcement which has been my focus piece of late.

I have been trying to do a little more blogging over at my other blog which is about my struggle to re-loose my weight again.  Also on that blog I'm taking part of the #100happydays challenge, sharing a picture of something that made me happy each day for 100 days.


Anonymous said...

I'll be heading over to the other blog to see what's happy! :-)

Bonnie Brown said...

And the baby sampler is coming along really nicely!

Julie said...

Good luck Dani, you'll do it, I have faith in you. x

Kate said...

Great ORTs. Good luck with the weight loss.