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Sunday, February 01, 2004


Well I would have to class this week as pretty darned crappy! Tuesday evening I noticed my clutch wasn't working too well. I made an appointment with my dealer to have my car seen on Friday. Well we didn't make it to Friday, I could barely drive the car on Wednesday. So off my car went to the dealer on Wednesday morning. Long and short of it my car needs a new clutch master cylinder but Hyundai Canada isn't releasing any. YOU HEAR ME HYUNDAI CANADA I NEED A CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER!!!! So it was temporarily fixed. That temporary fix barely lasted 24 hours. By Thursday after work it was getting pretty hard to drive again. I called my dealer and he told me to bring it in again. They were going to "flush the lines" and put in dot 5 fluid. Another temporary fix. Well Friday morning my car wasn't going anywhere! Sooo my car had to be towed to the dealer, they did whatever they did to temporarily fix it and I lost half a day's work.

Hmmm on the up side? Is there one? With all this car stress I've been exhausted! Wednesday night I couldn't even be motivated to pick up a needle I just laid there on the couch and went to bed early. Friday night I went to bed at 5:30pm and slept 15 hours!

Stitching... well I haven't touched my model since Tuesday, I had to do some frogging on my travel project. On the up side part 2 of Mystery 6 was released Thursday but it was too late for me to start it. I did get some work done on the border while I waited two hours for a tow truck, then another two at the dealer while my car was being "fixed". I have stitched all day today on it as well. I imagine I'll get it finished on Sunday. In the afternoon I'm getting together with some Chatelaine stitchers in my area to stitch the day away!

From here things can only get better????

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