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Friday, February 20, 2004

First Framing Happy Dance

I'm not sure if I've really blogged about it much but back in January I started a ten week framing course at my local college. Tonight my friend Christin and I braved the snow and went out and bought some supplies! My course is far from over (not until mid March) but I felt I had enough knowledge to go ahead and do a "retro-fit" that's make something fit in a pre-made frame.

A couple of weekends ago I had cut the perfect 8x10 mat to fit a piece I had stitched and stretched back in 2001 but had never framed. So tonight I picked up a pre cut 8x10 gold metal frame, some extra foam core to build it up to the frame size (I had stretched it to be 5x7).

So may I present : Above the Clouds by Teresa Wentzler stitched back in 2001 (my first TW) and finally framed in 2004 by ME!!!!!

I hope by the end of the day tomorrow to have another piece retro fitted... but I have to stretch it first! EEEEEKKKKKK!

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