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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

February Stitching Goals

Okay I'm going to put it here, in print... well virtual print for the world to see my goals for February. I'm going to try to do this at the beginning of each month. Y'all can help keep me on track!

1. Stitch part 2 of Mystery VI from Chatelaine
2. Finish Northern Lights by Jeanette Douglas a model for Changing Tides
3. Stitch Vermillion's February freebie Beary Godmother for my friend's daugher's b-day
4. Stitch 2 Christmas ornaments

So far this week has been a slow stitching week. I thought I would of had part 2 of Mystery VI done by Monday. Its now Wednesday and I'm down to the backstitching. I'm finding that the dark green marlitt in this portion is behaving much better than the black. Makes me wonder if the black was a bad batch?

As my travel project I started Vermillion's February freebie, Beary Godmother. A very cute bear dressed up as a fiary. This year's series proves to have a lot of potiential ... Fantasy Bears. Its on a pink solo from Silkweavers, its got just a few stitches in it so far.

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