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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Catching Up on Stitching Blogger's Question Of The Week

Well I never got to last week's question so here it is :

Q :What is your favorite fabric to stitch on?

A : My all time favorite fabric is Jubilee, its 100% cotton and comes in 28ct only. It has a nice heavy feel to it that I just love. The only downside with Jubilee? Is that it doesn't come in the huge range of colours that other fabrics do. So my second choice is usually Lugana, again 28ct (that's my favorite size). But honestly I will stitch on any kind of linen or evenweave, I just have my favorites that I naturally gravitate towards.

This weeks question :

Q: Do you participate in round robins?If so, how many have you participated in? Do you participate in more than one at a time? Summarize your experiences (good and/or bad).

A: Yes I do, not all the time but every couple of years I get the urge. I've had some great experiences and some bad. The great ones have been done with people I've met online that I really like and I know they're top notch stitchers most of the organized through an offshoot group of the Teresa Wentzler bulletin Board. The bad RR's that I've been in were early ones organized through a different group. My first one I wasn't too impressed with what the stitchers chose, one person pulled their stitches so tight that there were great gaping holes. That one was pitched. My next one was never returned, it got to one stitcher in Australia and never moved on... pity I think she kept a couple of others too. The two RR's I'm in right now are just wrapping up, I've stitched my last ornament in the Ornament RR and I'm on the last bug on the Wee Beasties RR. I'm hoping to join another ornament RR in the near future and I'm keeping an eye out on the RR group for anything starting up with a theme/designer I'm interested in.

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