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Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Little Pampering

Tonight after work I went for my once a month massage (an hour of course!). For the first time I actually dozed while having my massage (normally we chat up a storm), but I was tired and I'm fighting some sort of cold. The massage was heaven, and I think its definitely making a difference going once a month instead of 3 times a year. I no longer get to a "crisis point" then have to wait weeks for my appointment.

After my massage I went for my monthly allergy shot... yeee haww. Since the grocery store that carries my favorite bread (sourdough with cheese and onions baked into the top) was kiddy corner to the Dr's office I popped in, picked up a jar of Butter chicken sauce and some chicken, and a bottle of wine.

Once I got home I casually made myself dinner while sipping on a glass (or two) of wine, I felt like having a mellow evening.

This evening has been nice, I needed this.

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