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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dragon Dreams Sunday

Over at the
Needle and Thread bulletin Board the 3rd Sunday of each month is Dragon Dreams Sunday. Where we encourage DD fans to pull out something by Jennifer Aikman-Smith and stitch on it!

This month's selection I got to start something NEW! Yay! I always love to start a new project there's nothing like putting in those first few stitches on that virgin fabric! I imagine its like putting together a puzzle, slowly you can start to see the picture.

So I started Blackwork Princess which I got last year from one of Jennifer's classes but never got around to stitching. Well Sunday I picked it up. I decided to use Rainbow Galleries Splendor Silk instead of black DMC. Splendor is a rather fuzzy silk that seems to split and fray easily so I don't think I'll be using that brand unless I have too. But hey it was in the stash so might as well use it. I have decided to use Jade Waterlillies for the plant vines and Mulberry Waterlillies for the Flowers and the patterns in her sleeves. Here's my one day progress on Blackwork Princess by Dragon Dreams c2004

I think if can get off of this darned computer and don't tarry after TKD I'll get this finished tonight.

There's no progress to report on TW's Wedding Sampler, I had an insane week and couldn't find any stitching time until Thursday when I worked on something else for a change. I better pick it back up soon if I want to finish that border before the month is out!

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