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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Note To The Person Who Stole My Lunch :

Dear Lunch thief,

Thank you so much for making me your target, for stealing my LUNCH today out of the fridge in the staff room at work. You just MADE MY DAY. I hope you enjoyed my salad of assorted lettuces, baby spinach, carrots, cucumber, red & green peppers with sliced chicken, topped with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Did you find my little salad container cute with the pop top that when depressed puts the dressing on the salad. Yeah they're pretty nifty... you can buy them in a buck or two. That's right a buck or two.

Because of your thoughtfulness I got to go buy a Sh#$ty lunch from the cafeteria, that tasted like crap and cost more than it was worth.

I'd like to know... who steals a salad? I'm mean it was a freakin' salad! Not pizza or something super tasty and bad for you, it was a very healthy salad and it was mine.

So Lunch Thief if you're reading this, you know who you are I would appreciate it if you'd put my salad container back in my mailbox, clean please... with hot water and dish detergent. And oh yeah, include 5.00 to cover the crappy lunch I ate when I was so looking forward to that salad.

One pissed off person,

p.s. Did you decide to give up making and buying lunch for lent... because if you did that's a great idea taking someone else's!


WhizGidget said...

Oh Dani... {{{{hug}}}} I know what it's like having your lunch stolen out of the fridge. It totally blows, especially when you have something good.

I really hope that it never happens again.

Carol said...

Exactly the reason why I don't share a public fridge at work - sorry to hear about your lunch, how obscene! Any news yet on who the thief is?? I hope you posted signs at work and let folks know you are angry