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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Got My Nashville Goodies!

When you're a stitcher there are two times of the year you look forward to... February and June! February because of the Nashville Show and June because of Columbus. In these two cities there is a large needlework "tradeshow" where many designers and companies release new designs and products. Early February I had placed an order with Traditional Stitches for all of the new Teresa Wentzler and Dragon Dreams designs, sight unseen. I know I like anything they put out! I also ordered one of each of the Fantasy Faire Limited Edition designs, sight unseen. That I probably won't do again, because there are some I like and some I don't like and will never stitch. Hopefully I'll be able to find a good home for them?

So here's my stash haul (it'll be the last for awhile... ka-ching)

Dragon Dreams
Just A Little Peace & Quiet
Summer's Magic
Blackwork Princess (the official chart to replace my class printouts)

Teresa Wentzler
Knotwork Bookmarks I
Knotwork Bookmarks II
Castles by the Sea

Fantasy Faire Charts
Dragon Dreams - Imagination Creation
Vickery Collection - Kiss Me Quick
NVP Design - Celtic Dolphins
Black Swan - Winter Fairy
Teresa Wentzler - You Were Hatched...
Cross Eyed Kat - Dragonfly
Brenda Franklin Designs - Sea Foam Serpent
Fanta Cat Designs - The Spirit Within
Dette Designs - Fixing Up The Fairy
Dragon Fire Designs - The Unicorn Window (no pic sorry)
X's & Oh's - Scottish Dragon

Today and tomorrow we're getting a huge dump of snow 15-25cm since it was half way up to my knees in the driveway when I got home from work I figure we're gonna get more than 25cm. After work I was going to go pick up my Passport and my jacket (off being fixed) but decided to play it safe and come straight home, I can do all that running around on Thursday. Which on the up side I got to pick up my Nashville goodies (see how it always comes back to stitching?).

And YAY! I just found out that my favorite sport starts up this weekend! Its Formula 1 racing time again, with the season opener the Australian Grand Prix!

Double YAY! The Amazing Race starts up tonight... how long will Boston Rob and Amber last???

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