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Monday, March 07, 2005

Only 4 More Sleeps

Until I'm outta here and on my March Break. Boy, oh boy am I not ready. The essentials are taken care of... my car had a good inspection (driving down), the hotel is booked, I have my passport. But there's a zillion things I should be doing now to get ready. I did get my allergy shot out of the way today. There are still last minute odds and ends to pick up ... which I will do on Thursday, I need to get my US money, and travel insurance still. This trip has been months away for ages, and now its upon me!

I'm feeling much better after my out of the blue fever on the weekend. I'm almost finished the arch on TW's wedding sampler, and will be able to probably start the columns tomorrow. I think the center will stitch up quickly.

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