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Sunday, March 20, 2005

March Break

Well it was nice to get away! But I didn't have an amazing trip, maybe that's because of the weather, or because I've been there before. On the 11th my Mum and I left right after work and started I drive for Myrtle Beach S.C. The weather through New York State and Pennsylvania was horrible! There was a bad snowstorm, but I kept going, white knuckling it through the mountains. I got just South of Harrisburg Pa. when I packed it in for the night at about 10:30.

Saturday started out much better, we were on the road by 7am. While stopped at a light in Fredericksburg Va. I looked over to the vehicle beside me. Well I just burst out laughing, it was a co-worker and his family on their way south as well. As my friend Christin says, you can't take me anywhere! We ran into a bit of a hiccup when trying to get onto the I-95, a truck had lost its load of pipes and were all over the exit so we had to go further up the road, do a u-turn and use the ramp to the highway going the other direction... much better than my initial thought of going North on the I-95 to the next exit then turning around. Sometimes I have dumb ideas! Our trip continued on without problems until we hit Richmod Va, the home of cancer sticks (all the major cigarette manufacturers are there). I was driving along in the fast lane when somehow, suddenly a large piece of metal was flying through the air straight for my car! My first thought (I told you I had dumb ideas) was oh no, I don't want a flat tire. My Mum's thought was oh no that's coming through the windshield and right at Dani's (my) head. Funny how the brain works. Honestly if I had been just a little closer to the vehicle that came off of (or kicked it up off the ground) or driving a little faster yeah that would of gone right for my head. I was lucky it hit the bottom of my front bumper and under the car, no damage to the car or its passengers. The rest of the trip was uneventful we arrived at our hotel by 6pm to what had been a gorgeous day on the beach.

Sunday we were blessed with another beautiful day! We went for two long walks on the beach and sat out on the deck of our ocean front room. Being pale Canadians we were trying to soak up as much sun without getting burnt! Late that afternoon saw us heading to our favorite restaurant on the beach, El Cerro Grande. I had no idea where it was in relation to our hotel as I've stayed at several different hotels along the strip over the years. Well we burst out laughing when we got in the car to drive... Yup a whole block! We could of walked there!

Here are some pics to show you how lovely Sunday was!

Monday was another nice day, but cooler after walkies on the beach we took off to Super Wal-Mart and Michaels. I think we wasted a good couple of hours in Wal-Mart alone! Actually I think every Canadian was in Wal-Mart that day. Anyhow, we needed to re-stock on snacks and drinks for the week! Our meal out was to one of my favorite places, Applebees, I've never had a bad meal there!

Tuesday was a beautiful day and saw us going to Broadway at the Beach, an outdoor shopping center. We went to a couple of my favorite places, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (mmmmmmm....) and Build A Bear where I had to make yes two bears. One was a polar bear for myself (soooo soft!) and the second I couldn't leave behind was perfect for Todd's Mom. My Mum found a great bear for my niece and we had so much fun finding an outfit for it! We had a very disappointing meal at Tony Roma's. My Mum was so looking forward to her meal there and it was okay, mine actually had to be sent back, my chicken was like rubber! And we went to one place we couldn't afford the last time we were at the beach, the Ripley's Acquarium, that was really cool.

Wednesday was cold and rainy... so what else is a girl to do but shop! We hit the outlet malls. I didn't find much to buy but my Mum came away with a nice haul! Our meal out this day was another visit to El Cerro Grande!

Thursday was cold and drizzly. We went up to North Myrtle Beach to check out the Colonial Mall, I was hoping to get some new clothes for work at Lane Bryant but I really hate the spring styles that are out this year, so I didn't get anything. But I did get to go check out Outdoors World and Bass Pro Shops where I got a few things for Todd. I really will have to take him to the one in Toronto sometime, I think its his perfect Mecca. He's been going on about fishing season since December (it doesn't open until May so you can understand how tired I am of hearing about it). Mum and I also went and checked out Barefoot Landing, very similar to Broadway but it was too miserable to be outside for more than an hour or two. Our meal out was once again at Applebees. On the way back to the hotel we also stopped at the "Package Store" what we would call up here the Liquor Store, as we were starting our trip back home the next day and every good Canadian likes to bring some cheap booze back.

Friday we were on the road by 6am! Our trip up to Alexandria Va. was uneventful. This year our trip home had a bit of a side trip to a suburb of Washington D.C. We went to Woodlawn which was a plantation gifted by George Washington to one of his relatives. I didn't want to go for the history of the site, but for the large needlework show they have each year (of course this year was the first time I heard about it). I have to say the show was very impressive there were pieces from around the world! I think next year I'm going to send a piece or two. Also on the property was a Frank Lloyd Wright home, I just had to take the tour of that. My goodness! The man was a genius. I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the inside but I got a few of the outside.

Leaving Washington was cool, we drove along the parkway that follows the river, we could see much of the core of Washington D.C. Once out of the city itself we sat in traffic for at least an hour due to a car accident. I think if we hadn't hit that snag in traffic I might of made it back home late Friday night. But the furthest I could get was just south of Syracuse N.Y. Saturday we got held up at the border for over 30 minutes, they had only one booth open so it was slow going.

Boy it was nice to get home, and my cats really missed me. I'm still trying to decide if Todd missed me.


Katrina said...

Hi Dani, sounds like you had a good break away. Great pics of the beach - looks lovely!

Cathy said...

You were right in my neck of the woods! I only live about 45 minutes outside Harrisburg. Glad you got some time away.