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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Stitching Blogger's question of the Week

Q : Which do you prefer and why? "Old-fashioned" black and white symbol-only charts, charts with colored blocks, or charts with a combination of colored blocks and symbols?

A : I prefer black and white symbol only charts. Why? I just find it easier to read. Also you can easily make a working copy using any ole photocopier. Where if its a colour chart I'd have to go to a copy shop and pay more. Also if the chart is coloured I can't highlight as I go to mark off the areas I've stitched. I think also when you're used to one thing you don't like to change.

Today was a wired day for me. Work was okay, tonight while teaching my classes at TKD I didn't seem to be able talk straight. That's frustrating when you're trying to teach kids... both for you and for them. I don't think I gave as an effective class either.

The snowstorm we had yesterday didn't last as long as they had predicted, we had very little snow overnight so on the drive into work this morning the roads were nice and clear. However during the day the wind picked up and I travel quite a few roads prone to blowing snow and snowdrifts. Its these sort of conditions that make me nervous when driving. The snow drifts I can handle you can see them and slow down. You also know that like a deep puddle they're going to pull your car to one side or the other while you drive through it. What gets me nervous is what you don't see, black ice. I had one run in with it years ago that sent me into a 360 on the highway. Let me tell you, not fun!

Only 11 days until I go to Myrtle Beach!

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