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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Hate Underestimating

I do it all the time, and I hate it! I always think I'll be finished a project or at a certain stage within a set amount of time. Well it rarely happens!!! I thought I'd be finished part 3 of Chatelaine's Midi Mystery 1 tonight.

Well I'm not.


Once again, a couple of more hours work to go before I can move onto my next start, that Black Swan Christmas stocking for my nephew.

Oh yeah! I got to work on Fire and Ice today while waiting at the allergist after my shot. There is an advantage to getting allergy shots. You have to hang out at the office quite a bit. I should have more stitching time on it tomorrow... I think. I have to go to the hospital for a special allergy test for aspirin. Imagine being allergic to aspirin. Do you know how many medications that rules out? Especially if you're a migraine sufferer? Aspirin is in many pain killers, its in advil, its in cough medicine. This will be a pain in the ass allergy if I test positive. So I'm hoping between doses I can stitch. Or at least read.

Onto more mundane ramblings...

How can anyone wear heels all day? Being the first day of school today I thought I'd make an effort... so I wore dress shoes. Owwwie my poor feet!


Carol said...

I'm guilty of underestimating too :-) My Red Sox won tonight - LOL!!

Christine Doyle said...

Ah, I feel your pain, Dani. I never finish what I want to finish when I want to finish them, either! But, I suspect you are slightly more realistic than I. lol!
I hope your allergy tests turn out ok!

Anonymous said...

Brad is allergic to aspirin. He takes IBProfen and there are a few cold medications he can take. You just have to really read the label.

I hope you're not!


Stitchie Kiwi said...

Count me in as another underestimater ... you should see what I planned to stitch this year, and haven't! LOL I'll be looking forward to seeing part 3 all finished :)