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Monday, September 26, 2005

Meeting Online Friends!

I'm constantly amazed by the people I meet through my online communities (stitching ones of course)! Today I got to meet Zoe who I have known for a number of years through the Teresa Wentzler bulletin Board. We were even ornament exchange partners a couple of years ago! She arrived in Ottawa late yesterday and called me to meet up at the Cross Stitch Cupboard today after work. The first thing we did was give each other a big hug! We wandered around the shop. I restrained myself and didn't buy anything! I'm practicing being on the wagon.

Then we went for dinner, we went to the Newport. Its a diner-style restaurant I like to take out of town people. It has a wide, reasonably priced menu. Its decor is also unique as it is the home of the Elvis Sighting Society full of memorabilia. There's even a red phone on the wall in case you spot Elvis! We had their most excellent pizza and visited for two hours. Zoe gave me a lovely gift of a stitched little pillow that said Forever Friends and a lovely hand dyed cotton from the UK.

The evening went by too quickly. I wish we didn't live oceans apart!

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Danielle said...

That sounds like fun! I have yet to meet any of my stitching friends. Good for you for not buying anything--I also need to keep practicing staying on the wagon, too!!