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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Queen's Chain!

Gosh do you ever feel stupid when you think you have a long way to go on something that you put aside ages ago and then when you pull it out you only take 10 minutes to finish it? This happened to the Queen's Chain bracelet I started back in August. I pulled it back out this morning and I only had about 4 more rings to put on and a clasp! Whoila its done!

So here's my Queen's Chain Bracelet done using rainbow titanium jump rings... I think I'd like to do one in silver now!

Next, on the agenda for this morning is my chain maille bracelet in dragon scale greens!


Jenna said...

Beautiful bracelet, Dani! I think it's a good thing when you can pick something up that you dropped for a while and then finish it quickly. It feels good to get it done!

Retta said...

It's lovely! I think I'm jealous, can you point me in the direction of finding instructions for one of these pretty bracelets?