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Sunday, September 04, 2005

SBQ, Friday Update, and More

Well, its been awhile hasn't it since I last blogged? Almost a week I think! Its been a super busy week with the kids coming back to school next week, lunches have been scarce and my help has been needed by the office staff quite a bit.

I also made a new acquisition Friday night... I'm very, very, very bad I finally folded and bought myself a laptop computer! Oooh I'm in heaven! Its not the fanciest one with all the bells and whistles or the fastest processor, but I'm very happy with it. I bought a Toshiba Satellite laptop, suits my needs perfectly! Now I can sit in my living room and work on the computer and I don't feel cut off from the rest of the house, tied to my desktop in a separate room.

Let's see... SBQ, I don't have the exact question here on my new computer since I downloaded the original question to my desktop but here it is roughly :

Q : How do you stitch? Using hoops, q-snaps, frames, in hand, etc. Have you tried other methods.

A : I stitch 98% in hand. I sometimes use my small 6x6 Q-Snap for small projects where I find it hard to handle the fabric (due to size). I have tried q-snaps, frames, not really hoops and I find them bulky and I don't like to use them. Stitching in hand seems to suit me best, and makes all projects fairly easy to transport because you're not lugging around massive frames or other paraphenalia. You just hold that fabric in your hand and you're ready to stitch!

Well I know its not Friday, but I've been kept busy with setting up this new laptop all weekend. I also took my Mum out for the day yesterday. However these photos were all taken on Saturday morning, prior to any more work being done on the projects.

So here's what I've worked on this week :

Part 3 of Chatelaine's Midi Mystery 1

Stoney Creek's Noah's Submarine

I promise, I'll get in some more stitching time today, and tomorrow since its a long weekend!!!


Danielle said...

Your Midi Mystery is really looking nice! I am enjoying seeing the progress--I will have to live vicariously on this one! LOL.

Carol said...

Hi Dani - Congratulations on your new laptop! I just had a Toshiba Satellite - I gave it to my brother when I got this new one. I liked it a lot, though I had some battery and adaptor problems, which my brother invested in solving.... yay for you! Enjoy!

Katrina said...

Hi Dani, wahoo, another new toy - you'll be very techno with your new laptop and cellphone :)

Great progress pics too

Schokti said...

I am loving this Chatelaine! This isn't how I thought it would look - it is going a totally different direction (not that I can say what direction I saw it going...). I am excited to see this finished!

BeckySC said...

Hi Dani :)
Your progresses are WONDERFUL! WOW!!! Thanks for sharing :)