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Monday, August 29, 2005

Back From Retreat & Happy Dance!

Wow! Was I ever beat last night after a fantastic weekend! Every year I look forward to the TWBB Retreat in Brighton and every year I'm sad when its over!

Friday started out with Christin and I striking it out on HWY 15 (the scenic route) to Kingston. I'm so glad we stopped for lunch and a pit stop at Division Street instead of heading to the other side of Kingston without stopping. We must of been struck in traffic for about 30 minutes. It turned out there was quite a bad accident involving two tractor trailers. It must of happened at least an hour prior to us getting there because the OPP Forensic Teams were already there doing their measurements, etc. of the scene. I visited for a couple of hours with Christin and her parents before I left her there and headed to Beth's house. Where once again I was fed the most excellent and healthy meal! Here daughter even made a lovely cake for dessert.

Saturday morning we were up and at it! Getting food, and bags ready for the retreat. Sylvia showed up at about 10am she had already been on the road for at least 2 hours, she came up from Rochester, NY to go to the retreat for the first time. By 11am ish we were on the road and picking up Christin at the agreed upon spot. Lunchtime, and we're at Ann's house/shop! Stitcher's were already there and settled in and more were arriving just as we did! Now it was a flurry of unpacking and getting food out, so we could eat at 1 pm. Of course the Krispy Kreme Donuts Sylvia brought were attacked by us Canadians practically as they came in the door. Krispy Kreme is few and far between up here, boy they were good! The day was a flurry of show and tell, stitching, eating and shopping! As the day progressed local stitchers started to leave, and by the time we had dinner it was just us over-nighters. I finished Magic in My Needle by dinner time and started Black Swan's Fire & Ice. I barely made it to midnight, I was so tired! Our serious stitchers stayed up until 3am! And I know I should of stopped stitching around 10pm... I found a lot of mistakes and frogging in the piece I had started!

Sunday morning was more food, more stitching, and more food. Most of us left at about 3pm... I got home by 8pm.

Now for the shopping... I didn't spend a lot, but I was polite ;-) I bought
M Designs Letters O&P, Teresa Wentzler's Tropical Dream, and Valeri Pfeffer's Three Little Maids (sooo cute!)

Onto the Happy Dance! Here's Magic In My Needle c2004 from Dragon Dreams which I originally stitched the model for Dragon Dreams and now have stitched it for myself! He's a cutie!

Finally... Retreat pictures!!!! Names are underneath (I didn't take too many this year)





Beth... Being Polite

Marsha Giving Marj a Hand Spa

Marj Again... we all got hand spas that day!

Ann - Our Hostess with the Mostess getting her hand spa!

Tonight is Noah's Sub night! But first I have a meeting to go to and I better get outta here!!!


Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Congrats on finshing the wizard. He's really cute! :)

Carol said...

Hi Dani - looks like you all had a great time - I wish there was a GTG near me :-) Your little DD design is super cute too!! Congratulations!!!!

Danielle said...

What fun! I wish there were more stitchers who lived close to me! I am always alone stitching! :( At least there is the internet!! :)

Erin said...

I have to echo the "I wish there was a GTG near me" chant...I'm jealous!! Looks like you all had a great time.