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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Help Me Find My Missing RR!!!

Okay, I don't know where it is or if someone has it and I'm not blaming anyone because if it is out there somewhere its my fault and I can't remember who I last sent it to and it would of been anywhere from 6 months to a year ago that it was sent.

It must of been about two years ago I did a TWBB RR and afterwards there was so much space left on the fabric that I started sending it around to stitching friends and the like and people from this BB to help me get it filled! I've gone through my stitching room from top to bottom and I can't find it!

Here's a picture (taken after initial TWBB RR finished) if you do have it could you please drop me a line... I'm joining another TWRR and I'd like to send it around. Otherwise I have to start a new one :(


Terri said...

Oh Dani, I hope it comes back home soon!

Shannon said...

Wow, I hope it comes back home soon. I remember yours from a pic you posted. It's just fabulous. I'll think good thoughts that it comes back to you soon !