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Monday, August 08, 2005

Celtic Band Sampler Observations

Well I'm sad its over, I've finished Celtic Band Sampler and the camaraderie of doing a SAL with Katrina and Carol will fade too. It almost makes me want to start another SAL! Thank you Katrina for egging me on to start this piece. Its been in my stash for at least 3 years when I bought it at a TWBB Get Together in Marietta, GA.

I have to say I've really enjoyed stitching this piece. While I know Carol is finding it boring, but she also started two weeks later than Katrina and I and that may be why. I'm so happy with my fabric choice and how it turned out on 28ct African Daisy Joblean. Of course stitching this piece on 28ct (recommended fabric is 32ct) has made it end up being 9" wide and 22.5" high! Often when I start a piece I try to find something in my fabric stash before I go out and buy a piece, so in this case I settled for a larger count, but I think that's some of the charm of this piece that its sooo big!

Stitching it on 28ct means I ran out of a couple of colours. Now I was working from existing bobbins in my stash so I don't know if a full skein would do or if extra would be needed. Here are the colours I had to get more of : DMC 844, 831, and 315 colours I have barely any left are : DMC 3362, 500, 829, and 839. So if you're going to stitch this on 28ct be sure to pick up two of each colour just in case.

So now what's next on the stitching agenda? Tonight I'm hoping to finish up my next ornament which is from the RR I'm in. I should probably also start my ornament selection for the Retro Just Cross Stitch Ornament RR starting in September. Of course I'm also waiting for the 15th to roll around so I can stitch part 2 of Mini Mystery J. For the next while there are some small projects I want to do before I go back to something big (probably Noah's Sub or Dragon By the Fireside Stocking for my Nephew). I've borrowed an older magazine from Erin so I hope to stitch out of that Tole Heart and Carousel Bunny by Teresa Wentzler. There's also a small cat and a sampler I like out of the magazine as well. Oh the decisions, oh the agony!


Carol said...

Hi Dani - Although the long bands have not appealed to me, stitching this along with you and Katrina has been great! I also think I should not do this on Friday nights when I think I need something with more variety - not sure if that makes sense! I really want to get it done and I know many of the bands ahead are not soooo bad :-) Yours is lovely! Oh, I bought two of each skein of DMC before I started, based on its size... and I think I am using 32 ct for mine.... will have to look at it to see, but memory says it is 32 ct Rock Quarry lugana.... thanks for the inspiration, I will get it done too :-)

Jenn said...

Dani, Your Celtic Band Sampler came out great! I can't wait to see what you start working on next.

Katrina said...

Dani, I agree with Carol, this SAL has been great fun stitching with you both over the past few months. I'll be sad to finish my piece too :( Off the top of my head this morning I bought extra skiens of 829 and 831 but the ones I started with I had already used for other projects.

perhaps we'll have to find another project for another SAL sometime!