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Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Updates

This is a new thing I'm going to start here on my blog, is a Friday Update. A chance for me to let you know how my current projects are coming along and share some pictures!

My at work project hasn't really gotten a lot of attention this week, but I did finish off another colour, so that's one shade closer to finishing (I like to try to stitch one colour at a time). Its tempting to turn this into a focus project instead of a travel project.

Here's Mini Cottages II by
Michael Powell

My focus project at home I got a small start on yesterday, but I wasn't feeling too well so I only got about an hour's worth of stitching (maybe less) into it. I have to say the colours look just stunning on the Ocean Fantasy Linen from Silkweavers! I should have this one finished before the weekend is out! However you'll have to tune in Sunday night for the piccys because I'm out at the cottage, I should be stitching in the sun. I won't kit up anything new to take with me if I do finish it on Saturday, I'll take Mini Cottages 2 along if I need something else to stitch on.

Teresa Wentzler's Tole Heart (Magazine Design)

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