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Sunday, August 21, 2005

SBQ, Friday Update, HD, and some Piccys!

I haven't had the time or been home to blog the last couple of days so here's a bit of a catch up post. There will be more to come (hopefully tomorrow) so watch out for Shrek and Donkey's Adventures at Parc Safari!

Okay, first the Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week...

Q : How often do you wash your fabric for each project? Do you wait until the very end until to wash it or do you wash it more than once?

A: Hmmm this sounds like a newbie question to me. I only ever wash my project at the end. If I've been stitching with silks and specialty fibers that are known to bleed I don't wash them at all. I just wash my hands a lot! I'm very careful with my fabrics, I never handle them unless my hands are clean, I don't stitch unless my hands are clean. I store them in plastic drawers that are pretty much dust free. When its a work in progress and I'm not stitching at the time its always put away in its zipper mesh bag, its not left lying around. If you take the proper precautions with your stitch you'll only ever have to wash it once, at the beginning.

Okay Friday update...

I wasn't home on Friday I was recovering from my day at Parc Safari with Chrisanne, Lindsay, Shrek and Donkey (that whole story will come soon... with pictures!). So I've finished Mini Mystery J part 2 on Friday night. Saturday morning I started working on Mini Cottages 2 and I should have a Happy Dance sometime on Sunday I'm just down to the backstitching... but its late so it won't all get done tonight! Once that's finished I'll be moving onto my Dragon Dreams SAL piece, Jennifer's new design, Magic In My Needle. Its all kitted up and ready to go.

Okay now for the piccys...

First my HD... part 2 of Mini Mystery J (still hate it will be giving it away!)

Next I found my TWRR!!!! And here's an up to date piccy. (where was it? Between the wall and my fabric drawers!)

Next the Cats were being cute, sleeping of course so I got a picture of each of the boys!
Here's Cuddles

Here's Hunter

Finally I didn't plant any sunflowers this year but a few rogue seeds got planted by the birds I guess!


Anonymous said...

I think Mini Mystery J is pretty. I like the colours. What a shame you don't like it although how you bring yourself to pick it up and work on it when you don't like I don't know lol. It's coming along beautifully Dani.

What cute kitties :o)

Jenn said...

Dani - Your RR looks great! I'm glad you found it. If you ever want to get those last squares filled in let me know I'd be happy to stitch a square for you.

Your Sunflowers are beautiful! I bought one a few weeks ago and it was doing nicely but, I repotted it and it didn't like that. :( I'ts starting to die. I'll have to get another one next year.

Carol said...

I am glad you found your RR :-) If you need another stitcher, let me know!! The sunflowers are awesome! I forgot to plant some this year too.... sigh.... living the woods means that seeds get gobbled up before they can grow. And, of course, I still love that Chatelaine!

BeckySC said...

Hi Dani!
It's good to read that you found your RR :) It looks great BTW :)

Those Sunflowers are AMAZING! I called my hubby in to look at them, as we love growing them for the birds :)

Your cats are so cute :)

Thanks for sharing :)

Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Your progress on the mini-mystery is great. Very glad to see you found your RR. :)

Alison said...

I love the RR! Hunter looks a lot like my Buddy Cat :)

Gina E. said...

Dani, I just love Cuddles and Hunter! Such darling photos; Topsy just won't sit or lie still long enough for me to get lovely pictures like yours. Every time she sees the camera, she starts wriggling! Oh, I love the sunflowers too - always wanted to grow them, but I have purple fingers (as opposed to green ones, lol!)