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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

For No Thought of a Better Title

This post is just a mish mash of stuff... more and less to let you know I'm still alive. This week has been a busy one I've not been home one evening yet and it'll continue that way for a couple of more days! Monday night I went and trained at TKD despite part 2 of Mini Mystery J being available, but I need to start stepping things up at TKD.

Tuesday night since soccer is over I went to Cardio TaeBox just to get a good workout and sweat going (feeling fat lately). I worked on Mini Mystery J a little but ended up frogging part of it!

Tonight was my teaching night at TKD, I teach two classes every Wednesday. I made my students SWEAT tonight with lots of kicking drills. I'm quite pleased with how they went despite having a migraine, I think my advanced students actually enjoyed the class. I even joined in on a lot of the shield drills since the numbers were uneven and got a good workout too! I've worked a bit on Mini J while I've been here at the computer catching up on my BB's and Blogs, Coronation Street is on soon so I'll be getting offline to watch that and stitch until midnight.

Tomorrow is an insane day for me! I work all day then I'm off downtown to have dinner with people I used to work with at the Environment Canada Departmental Library. After dinner I'm hopping into the car and driving to Cornwall where I will spend the night. Firday morning Pennygwen (online name) and I will be taking her daughter to Park Safari south of Montreal for the day. I'm not sure if I'm coming home Friday or not it'll depend on how tired I am! The weekend isn't planned yet but I know my Mum wants to go out at some point so I might do that. We go shopping at bead shops, fabric shops, etc then go out for a very nice lunch.

I've been working away at Mini Cottages II during lunch/breaks and its really coming along! If I can work on it in the car on Friday on our way to Park Safari we may have a Happy Dance soon! Which means I'll have to pick a new travel project to stick in my bag. Oooh the choices!

So If I'm home Friday night I'll give you my weekly stitching update. If not it'll happen sometime over the weekend.

Oh yeah... still no leads on my TWRR.

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Danielle said...

Hi Dani,
Everything Cross Stitch doesn't have a website. But here is their address: 810 Caroline Street (540-899-3075). They are located in Historic Fredericksburg. I think Caroline street is a main drag. The shop is sort of inside a small little mall, so it doesn't have a storefront that faces the street. It is on the small side, but it is really crammed full of stuff. She also has some lovely models (this is what got me in trouble--designs can be so much more attractive stitched up than in pictured on the web!! If you are in no rush to get where you are going--I would definitely stop off there. Also Fredericksburg is really a nice little town!!