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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ornament Count Is Now ... 12 & SBQ

Well I've now surpassed my minimum of one ornament a month. I finished my second ornament tonight as promised in my last entry. I'm sure you'll be glad that I can show this one off! I just fell in love with this design while stitching it and learnt a new stitch, the Renaissance Stitch (the red/gold flowers) which is just gorgeous!

So here it is, Moss Creek's 16th Century Celtic Christmas from the 2000 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue stitched on 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast using GAST, DMC, and Rainbow Galleries Petite Treasure Braid (substituted it for the EVIL DMC metallic it called for). This is my choice for the Retro Just Cross Stitch Ornament Round Robin.

Now next up on the stitching agenda is Teresa Wentzler's Tole Heart from The Country Stitch Monthly, February 1989. I spent quite awhile going through my fabrics tonight to find just the right colour that would make the floss POP! Boy this was a hard one. I went through all my scraps, and almost all of my hand dyed fabrics when I settled on Silkweaver's expressions Ocean Fantasy. Wow! What a fantastic colour, I think it will work well for this design. I also put in a little time on Michael Powell's Mini Cottages 2 tonight and I'll bet getting back to that one on my breaks and lunch tomorrow.

Now for the SBQ...
Q:What do you do with the framed stitching that you keep? Do you hang it up and leave it in one place, never to move it? Or do you have a rotation, where you have one place for stitched pieces and switch them out according to mood or season? Maybe a mixture of both?

A: I do pretty much hang it and leave it there, but then I don't have enough of my pieces framed to rotate them and I really feel strongly about seasonal pieces that can't be displayed year round. I'm also not a very Christmasy person! Why pour your heart and soul into something that can only be hung for one specific day a year. Also putting into it the expense of framing, because there is no such thing as cheap framing!

P.S. I'm looking to buy/trade for the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issues for 1997 and 1998, contact me if you're interested in getting rid of one of these!


Alison said...

This is beautiful! I love the knotwork. Great job!

Erin said...

Your ornie is beautiful! After making my Christmyth Giant into an ornie, I got "in the groove" and made my Moss Creek celtic piece into an ornie too (mine was the 2001 "Triple Braid and Holly" design).

The Silkweaver fabric you've chosen for the Tole Heart is gorgeous....makes me wish I'd waited until I had more pretty fabrics to chose from.... :)

Little Grey Cat said...

That ornament is gorgeous Dani. I just love all the Celtic pieces you stitch.

Katrina said...

great ornie pic Dani, I'll look forward to stitching it too.
can't wait to see to your next happy dance :)sounds interesting!

Kathy said...

That is lovely well done Dani.

Hugs xxxxx