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Thursday, November 10, 2005

On Retreat Again!

I'm off hitting the roads again tomorrow evening. I'm off to Brighton once again for the Knowledge and Needles Retreat. This one is much more low key than the Cross Stitch Cupboard's retreat. It should be much more relaxing. This one is just visiting and stitching, no classes. I am going down a day early though, and spending Friday night at Ann's, I'm looking forward to a relaxing dip in the hot tub! I'm sure my muscles need it after this week!

Tonight I didn't pray to the treadmill Gods but I went to TKD and we worked up a good sweat with some patterns and sparring. God I hate sparring with a passion. I find my mind just blanks out and its all reaction instead of strategy. And it would help if I kept my hands up.

On the stitching front the ornament is coming along more slowly than I'd like. Last night I just couldn't get into the groove, I just plodded away with my Algerian eyelets. I would of liked to have gotten more stitching done before I left for TKD but my eyes just wouldn't stay open! So I napped on the couch during Dr. Phil until Coronation Street came on. Once I'm done blogging here I'll get back to that ornament. I'll have it done for you before the weekend is out!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dani. We talked last night. I decided to try the "anonymous" identity to post a comment. Now waiting with bated breath to hear about your last retreat (I love to go on vicarious stitching trips by reading your blog!)