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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This Just Sucks!!

For a lack of a better title because I can't think of one and I'd like to rant.

Back in March of this year tickets for U2 at the Corel Center went on sale. I was driving home from my March Break trip with my Mum so my two good friends tried to get the three of us tickets online. Well there was such huge volume on Capital Tickets website that many people had trouble finalizing their purchases ... this happened to us.

So no U2 tickets for Dani.

I've been keeping an eye on the For Sale conference at work, The Ottawa Citizen, E-Bay, and many other sources to get REASONABLY priced tickets. The face price for U2 tickets at the corel center were 49.00, 95.00, and 160.00 well I can't find a single ticket for less than double the ticket price! 160.00 tickets are suddenly 500.00, 49.00 tickets are 200.00! This is F&*^ing outrageous as far as I'm concerned! Some of the tickets going up for sale at work have been best offer accepted... well I can assure you that's more than I can afford.

This past year has been an awesome concert year for Ottawa.. I've barely been to a single show because I feel that many concerts are SO EXPENSIVE to attend where the cheapest tickets are 70.00, that's before your assorted fees and taxes. Then you have to add 10.00 for parking, so on and so on!

As long as we the fans continue to pay this outrageous prices for tickets then the shows will keep getting more and more expensive.

The best example of bands keeping their shows reasonable I can share with you is The Tragically Hip. When they come to Ottawa every seat in the Corel Center is one price... no more than 35.00! Way to go Hip. More acts could learn from you.

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Carol said...

I hear you Dani - I have the same problem around here with Red Sox tickets :-( Good luck!!