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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ormentificatin 2005! And a Pressie

Well I have been a total Domestic Goddess today! I've cleaned, I've stitched, I've ormentified, and I made the best lasagna ever!

Today I started another ornament, this one for an exchange. I hope my partner doesn't read my Blog... becuase I'm about to blab. I've started Teresa Wentzler's Beginner's White Work Ornament on 28ct Joblean - Queen Ann's Lace using Caron Waterlillies Holiday. I'm hoping to stitch and finish it this weekend.

On my way to my Nephew's for his Birthday I stopped in Almonte and took some photos of the falls there. We've had a lot of precipitation lately so the falls were just roaring!

Then when I was at my Nephew's my Mum had something she had been working on for me for ages finally finished! Here's Raphael by A Muse Inc. he's done all in Delica Beads some are real gold! He's gorgeous!!!

When I got home this evening I proceeded to finishing the ormentificaton of my ornaments. All they needed was cording picked out and glued on!

First here's a shot of all of this year's ornaments to date (except for my latest finish)

Now for the detail shots! I'll be just giving you the name of each design as exact details for each ornie were given at the time of HD.

16th Century Christmas

Blackwork Frenzy

Candycane Stocking

Carre Noel

Happy Holidays

Noel Birdhouse

Peace Tree

Sapphire Star



Schokti said...

Ooowweee, Dani, you have been busy! Feel free to be a domestic goddess in my home, too - the door is always open! Your ornies look awesome - great job. And that pressie - that is incredible!! My compliments to Mom - fantastic!

Katrina said...

oh wow to you too Dani - your ornies are just gorgeous! You have a very talented mum too!

Isn't it a good feeling to just hang out at home, "pottering" around, doing what you feel like? :)

Belinda said...

WOW! Awesome job!

Anne S said...

Woohoo for your Mum - that dragon is to die for! And your ornies are all very very impressive ... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the Sapphire Star, where is it from? I think you've made a wonderful job on all your ornaments.