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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Goal Review, 2006 Goals and January Goals

Time for me to set down in print how I did for my 2005 stitching goals, what I plan to stitch in 2006 and what I hope to accomplish in January.

2005 Stitching Goals

  1. Noah's Submarine - I finished another page and a half of this during 2005.
  2. Celtic Banner - I only worked on it New Year's Day in 2005 (this is becoming a tradition)
  3. Ottawa Sampler - Finished!
  4. Start Bug Collector - Nope
  5. Start Arabian Woman - Nope
  6. Start Celtic Band Sampler - Started and Finished
  7. Scottish Castle Sampler - Nope
  8. Mini Mandalas 1 - Nope
  9. Dragon By the fireside Stocking - Started and Finished

Now I may of not started a lot of the projects I intended to last year but I did get a lot of stitching in! I'm not going to review everything I did do... you can visit my webpage as of January 1st and see all I got stitched in 2005.

2006 Stitching Goals - A little more modest this year I think.

  1. Finish Noah's Submarine
  2. Finish Celtic Banner
  3. Start and Finish Santa Fly Fishing Stocking
  4. Start and Finish Bug Collector
  5. Start Enchantment of Winter
  6. Stitch 12 Ornaments

Now for my December recap and January goals

December Goals :

Finish Midi Mystery 1 - Finished!
Finish Dragon By the fireside Stocking - Finished!
Stitch one ornament - Stitched two!
Decide on What to Stitch over the Christmas Holidays - Stitch those ornaments!

January Goals :

Stitch on Celtic Banner on New Year's Day
Finish one page on Noah's Sub
Stitch one ornament
Start model for Great Bear Canada when it arrives

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Carol said...

Great job with your goals, Dani! Thanks for the link to Christin's blog :-) Happy New Year!!!!!!!!