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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Well Christmas is now minutes away so I'll take this chance to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas!!! May your day be one of fantastic memories and family traditions.

Today was yet another very busy day for me. I'm starting to wonder if its ever going to stop! Todd, I and my Nephew got up at about 9am this morning. I was straight to work as soon as I got up. My good buddy Jason had asked me if I could frame his brother's Christmas gift to his parents. I got the piece itself late last week, I was able to pick up the supplies last Saturday. However this past week was spent finishing Christmas items for my family. So this morning was spent framing an time that was 35x48 inches! I've never framed anything that big in my life. But its done, Jason has picked it up and everyone will have their presents for Christmas.

The rest of my morning was spent finally putting up my Christmas tree and sweeping the floors. Before I knew it, it was time to take Nick home! Todd and I went and had Christmas with his parents. I think tonight we had the best turkey ever with all the traditional fixings!

Finally at 11pm tonight I was able to settle down with my laptop and some stitching! I don't think I've put in a single stitch since I finished Nick's stocking on Monday! So tonight my latest ornament RR piece has gotten some badly needed attention... I'm sure I mentioned earlier this week... I was supposed to mail it out this past Monday? My only complaint about this ornament is it will not be a quick stitch. It measures 66Hx70W stitches and its done over one! Why do designers put out over one ornaments that big?

So this over one ornament is my must stitch item until its done. Since my next ornament in this same RR has arrived that will be next. Then I can finally pick Noah's Sub back up. If I'm not tempted to pick up something new and small and stitch that up over my holidays!


Ulla said...

Merry Christmas Dani
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Bastet said...

Happy Christmas Dani and hopefully you'll get to rest soon enough.