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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Finally Its Stitched and SBQ

Well its taken me a lot longer than I thought to finish that darned over one ornament... almost 10 hours more stitching to get it done! Its quite nice in the end, and its all very fine work I had to take a two hour nap at one point today my eyes hurt! It was kinda neat stitching this, as I had met Maureen Appleton, the designer this past October and she has so many stunning over one designs.

Anyhow, here's Hark c1997 The Heart's Content Inc. from the Just Cross Stitch 1997 Ornament Issue. Its stitched on 25ct lugana using GAST and DMC all over one!

Sigh, I have exceeded my Bandwidth limit again over at so I've posted this at my webspace allotted to me by my ISP. I seem to be running out of bandwidth on a monthly basis lately. So if you can't see any of my other photos at the moment I can assure you they'll all be back on January 1st!

So now that this Ornament RR selection is done I'll be moving onto the next one. It'll be nice to be all caught up again with my RR's. Yesterday I was bad, and did a little online shopping. I ordered from Elegant Stitch their Cube-It Instruction Booklet. I also took advantage of Stitching Bits and Bobs sale and ordered two Judy O'Dell Finishing Books, the Ornament book and the Flat Fold book. I really need to finish some of my finished unfinished projects! While I was there I also ordered the letters E&F from the M Designs Monogram Series, at some point I'd like to have the complete alphabet. So this means I'll now have A-F and S,T. That'll probably be the limit of my shopping for awhile, I'd really like to start making a dent in the charts I have in my stash in 2006.

However, this might not happen right away, as I've just agreed to take on some model stitching work from Great Bear Canada. Jennifer of Dragon Dreams passed my name onto Great Bear as they were looking for stitchers. Its great to get recommended like that! Its been awhile since I've done any stitching and seeing as I have no obligation/deadline stitching in the foreseeable future I thought it would be a good time to do a little model stitching again.

Now onto this week's SBQ!

Q : How do you balance your stitching time with your other obligations such as work, household chores, etc.?

A : I probably don't balance my stitching and my life very well. I tend to give my stitching precedence over most things. My job does come first, my promises and commitments come next and then my stitching. I have to admit I neglect my home a lot... I'd rather be stitching then cleaning any day! When life gets busy to get in my stitching fix, I will stitch during my lunch hour at work, or if I have to hang out in a waiting room somewhere, I always have stitching in my bag. I find I tend to get too stressed if I don't get to stitch!


Carol said...

Hark is adorable :-) Why not try Photobucket for blog pics? Or even use blogger's photo system? That would save some bandwidth...

Anonymous said...

Bandwidth problems must be the pits, you poor thing! You're too popular. ;) Hark looks absolutely lovely, though I imagine you went just about out of your head with the over one.