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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Weekend Is Here

Ahhh its one of those weeks where I'm glad the weekend has arrived!

Thursday I had packages waiting for me in the mail! One of them was my next JCS 05 Ornament RR. I'm tempted to start that today after I've finished my last JSC Retro RR piece. We'll see how I feel later in the day when I finish Never Too Big by Dragon Dreams. If I don't start that next RR I'll be starting another model for Great Bear Canada.

My second parcel was my last piece of opalescent fabric I had ordered from Silkweavers back at the end of December. It is the piece which will be my first choice for Mirabilia's Christmas Elf Fairy when I get around to starting it, my second choice will be precious Metals. Here's a picture of the piece I received, Wandering Ivy 32 Opalescent Lugana. The mottling is more subtle than I had hoped but I think it'll still be very nice.

Yesterday I received my February Blahs exchange package from Chrsitine. She made me a beautiful pouch with some candies for me. Thank you Christine its just loely!

Originally today I was going to hit the roads, pick up Christin at her parents house and continue down to Knowledge and Needles for Ann's open house today to check out all the new Nashville stock. But mother nature has changed those plans. Right now nothing has started up here but we're supposed to get 10-15cm of snow with gusting winds at 40-60KM/h, definitely not conditions you'd want to be doing a 3hour road trip in! Also I talked to Christin and her Mom this morning and it started snowing in Kingston around 5am and its pretty white out there. So I'm snuggling up with some DVD's and stitching.


Anonymous said...

Happy stitching Dani! Ann.

Jenna said...

The Wandering Ivy lugana looks really nice, Dani! I ended up going with Everglade and it made a nice match, so I think Wandering Ivy will look great with her. :)

The February Blahs exchange piece from Christine is gorgeous! I love the celtic knot heart on the pouch. Now, tell me, which Christine is it from? LOL.

Sorry to hear you won't be road tripping it down for Ann's open house, but it sounds like you will have a wonderful snowy stitching day instead. Enjoy!

BeckySC said...

Hi Dani :)
Oooh, the fabric looks yummy!!

Very nice exchange piece :) Enjoy it :)

Have a great weekend, Dani!

Carol said...

Hi Dani - I like your new fabric - a lot!! I think it will work wonderfully for the Christmas Fairy Elf, and now I can't wait to start watching you stitch her :-)

Kathy said...

Wow Dani the fabric is georgeous, I will have to make a note of that and order some next time I order from Silkweavers.

I love your exchange piece too, its lovely.

Hugs xxxxx

Christine Doyle said...

Hope you got a bunch of stitching in, Dani. What else can you do in such weather?

Thanks for not showing the crooked back on the bag! ROFL! I am a stitcher first, what can I say? Glad you like it.

AnneS said...

Your February Blahs gift from Christine is really gorgeous :) And the SW fabric is really pretty ... look forwardt to seeing it stitched up :D