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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Botanical Gardens & RR HD

Its been another couple of days since I last blogged! Yesterday was a lovely day out with my friend, her daughter and her Mom. We went to the Hershey Factory, and for the first time that I've ever been there they've been working! Normally if I do go there its on a weekend and the machines are off. You can still walk around and do the tour but its not as interesting. Oh boy does it ever smell like chocolate!!!! It made my poor tummy rumble! I of course came home with some goodies. We also went for a nice lunch at my local watering hole (Pub).

Today's March Break field trip, was with my parents. We went to Montreal to check out the Botanical Gardens. My Mum told me they used to take me there a lot when I was a kid, but honestly I don't' really remember. So it was a new adventure for me. Oh the greenhouses were beautiful!! When we entered the house holding the orchids the air was just so fragrant! I took soo many pictures that I can't share them all at once. So every now and then I'll share a new picture with you. Don't ask me what the flowers are... there were too many to remember! Also they had an exhibit called Butterflies go Free. One of their greenhouses had been turned into a butterfly habitat. It was soooo cool walking around with butterflies fluttering around you in the air. It was just awesome! We wrapped up our day with lunch at McBay on Boul Des Source, we used to go there when I was a kid (gosh ... almost 30 years ago... I turn 30 on the 27th of this month!). We also took a drive around the old neighborhood. I slept all the way home! Boy today really pooped me out! I'm still not 100% this week.

On Wednesday in the mail the first installment of the TWRR I joined shoed up! So that evening I started Suzanne's TWRR. Suzanne's RR is a band sampler so I stitched the top portion of the border from Teresa Wentzler's Romeo and Juliet.

Between now and bedtime I'm going to get back to Joy Tree which I barely started on Tuesday. Tomorrow I'm going to start my piece for the monthly freebie SAL over at the Needle and Thread BB (link in my sidebar). I've picked out another Prairie Schooler freebie, this one is of a Santa. I even have the same fabric as the last PS freebie I stitched!

Oh gosh, I've almost forgotten the SBQ!!!!

Q: Do you stitch "over one?" If so, describe your experiences. If not,have you considered it?

A : Yes I do. I don't mind stitching over one at all! I've stitched anything from signatures, to portions of designs, to whole ornaments, to large Silver Lining designs! I've stitched over one on 25ct, 28ct, 30ct, and even 32ct! My current ornament Joy Tree is stitched over one on 30ct. I find I actually enjoy stitching over one from time to time... but not all the time!

Sigh... March Break is almost over!


Anonymous said...

Every time I see a TWRR piece, I love it and yours is no exception! Great job. :)

Anne S said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANI!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful wonderful day, full of being spoilt by everyone - and that you find time to do the things you love, with people you love :D Your TW RR band looks gorgeous too :)