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Monday, March 06, 2006

Gifts and Stash

Yay its Celestial Dragon day! I'm looking forward to getting to some stitching once I'm done here online! I think once I'm done my models I'm going to make celestial Dragon my focus project and put Noah's Sub on the backburner (which it has been since January). I'd like to get CD finished for the fall.

Well lets go from oldest to newest in terms of gifts. Last week I finally got my Valentine's Day gift from my other half. Its not a very romantic present but its a useful one. Todd got me a v-groove/free form cutter for my framing.

Late last week I also got RAK'ed by Eileen over at The Wagon BB! She sent me a frebie chart, Mermaid Mitten and the specialty fabric needed to stitch it on. That you Eileen, what a treat!!!

Today was a stash mail day! I received two parcels in the mail. One was from Needlecraft Corner, it had two of the Fantasy Faire 2006 charts I wanted. I also ordered second copies for Christin, we often do things like that, if we both want the same thing one of us will order 2. My second parcel, was a long awaited one from Traditional Stitches. In that parcel was 2 skiens of medieval Mulberry SNC and 6 Mill Hill star treasures for the JCS 05 RR I'm in. The RR is already underway so I can send off the extra floss and treasures this week. Also from traditional Stitches I ordered a skein of WDW Scuppernog before a kind friend bought me one. These items had been on back order since December so its nice to finally have them.


Von said...

Lots of eye candy for us today, Dani!
Romance is nice now and then, but you just gotta love a practical man!

AnneS said...

Isn't it a pain having to wait for so long for some items to ship? Must feel great to finally receive them though - and your latest gift and stash haul are lovely :)

Bellastitch said...

I love the charts you purchased. Those are the 2 charts from Nashville that I really want to get. Have fun stitching them!

Lelia said...

Wonderful charts! Eileen RAK'd you good : ) Cricket designs are so much fun to stitch.