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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Celtic Banner SAL

Yay I'm getting back to my stitching routine! Sunday is supposed to be my Celtic Banner SAL day and finally I've participated for the first time in months! Its nice to get back to routine.

It was also nice to update my webpage today (the reason why I haven't stitched as much today, it took me ages). I've felt like I've not gotten anywhere stitching-wise this year. A website can really help you realize what you've gotten done... a lot more than I thought. The projects are mainly smaller ones this year, but I hope to have some big HD's by year's end.

While I was stitching on my nametag this weekend I realized two things. First I don't have any fabric in my stash with a higher count than 32. I think I might invest in a fat quarter of 36ct fabric for my stash. I would of liked to have made my nametag smaller (its not really that big) but didn't have the fabric to do that. I did attempt stitching it over one but it just didn't work out. Trying to stitch my nametag over one made me yearn to do a large over one project. However I must maintain self control... otherwise I'd be tempted to start a Silver Lining design over one!

Its back to work for me tormorrow!


Shelleen said...

the banner looks great.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right about a website helping you keep track, Dani. I felt like I did nothing last year...that's why I now blog my finishes! Oh & I also starting a journal in January.