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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cutting Disaster!!!

Well what I feared happened.... yesterday's ornament HD... its in the garbage!

The cut outs that had to be done inside the ornament at top and bottom to thread the ribbon through went fine on all four medallions. Then I cut the excess fabric away on all the medallions... gaining confidence with cutting. All medallions cut out nicely. Then I started to thread my first medallion onto the ribbon.

That's when disaster struck!!! My button hole stitch surrounding my cutout inside the ornament just ravelled away! It did this on all four medallions. What can I say, I have a hard time with this stitch. Also the stitch diagrams were very basic they didn't really show you how to turn a corner.

So its in the garbage... bye bye ornie!


cathymk said...

That's just too bad Dani, it looked awesome! Do you think you will make another attempt at the design?

I love the crocodile photo you posted - it reminds me of Quentin Blake's Crocodile from The Enormous Crocodile (Roald Dahl). Very cute.

Von said...

Oh Dani, how heartbreaking to lose a beautiful ornament like that! I hope you don't give up on the buttonhole stitch, but attempt to get some good instructions and try again! I love the simple, non-sewing finish I can get with the buttonhole stitch.

Anne S said...

Oh no Dani, that's awful! How heartbreaking for you! Hope you'll persevere with some better instructions - they're so pretty :)

Karen said...

Dani, I'm so sorry about your ornament! You must have felt so frustrated.

I like the picture of the croc, too! And the CSNF sounds divine! Too bad I'm so far away and can't attend. : (