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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gifties and More Models

Well I got gifties this week! On Thursday I got a nice parcel from Jennifer of Dragon Dreams! Inside was a beautiful shawl Jennifer knitted for me as payment for stitching "Time I Spend Stitching" for her. Also she slipped in a nice little b-day gift... one of her hand painted rocks he's so cool! I just love how she used the shape and contours of the rock to make up the image! Unfortunately I just couldn't get a better picture than the one here. Also in that parcel was my next model.

This one I need to get as much of it done before the Spring CSNF. Jennifer will have it on preview there. So guess what I'm doing today? This piece ... which of course I must keep top secret ;-) will be a class in October at the Fall CSNF.

I'm going to sit through season 4 of Law & Order on DVD and stitch all day! I don't have to be anywhere except my belated b-day dinner with my parents.

This week I also got my belated b-day gift form my Mum, a nice Liz Claybourne wallet. Of course you can't give an empty wallet so I also got money and a gift card for Costco. Last night I finally got my b-day gift from Todd. Unfortunately it wasn't anything exciting, just practical. He got me another piece of framing equipment, a
v-nail press from Lee Valley Tools. Ho hum, I suppose that's fine, I'm not really excited about it. I will have to play with it this weekend to see if it works and does a good job.

Well I'm off to stitch!


Anonymous said...

I saw one of those tools in the Herschners' catalogue. Now that their store is in Kitchern, I was going to check it out. Now we'll have to go to Lee Valley in London. Thanks for this info.

Erin said...

What lovely gifts Jenn sent you!! And Law & Order + stitching sounds divine right now...DH isn't a Law & Order fan, so I usually only watch it on the TVs at the gym while I run! LOL

Anonymous said...

Jennifer is such a sweetheart and she values you so much, so it doesn't surprise me that she sent you such lovely gifties... AND a new model. ;)

Anne S said...

Awesome gifts from Jennifer - woohoo! What a lovely surprise :D And I can't wait to see the new model ... guess I'll have to wait until at least October though ... LOL.

Bastet said...

That was very thoughtful of Jennifer to pay you like that. And adding the B-day gift. Malachai looks wonderful.